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With the Modern Comptrollership Initiative, more emphasis was placed on enhancing audit and evaluation to improve overall governmental accountability (Dupuis 2006).
After attending the Army/Defense Comptrollership Program at Syracuse University in 2002, COL Hyatt transitioned to US Army Functional Area 45 and served two tours on HODA staff as well as in key positions as the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) senior resource manager, 25th Infantry Division G-8, and USARPAC budget operations officer.
He also holds a master's degree in business administration with a specialty in comptrollership from Syracuse University.
The DON is hosting six Practical Comptrollership Courses (PCC) in Norfolk, VA; San Diego, CA; and Washington, DC (two at each location) and two Advanced Comptrollership Courses (ACC) using a virtual classroom setting.
In government, utopian frameworks have been advanced in many management areas, including results measurement, performance audit, modern comptrollership, human resources development, service standards and sustainable development.
review of capital gains exemptions, improved predictability of R&D tax credits, enhanced comptrollership in government operations, government procurement, and the approach to debt reduction.
PMCS was chartered to provide a course in military comptrollership .
The Defense Comptrollership Program is Whitman's flagship program.
Taking a new cost/benefit approach to debt reduction, adopting a more sophisticated comptrollership model for government operations, and implementing new tax and business incentives are among the recommendations made in CMA Canada's submission on the 2005 federal budget
Course offerings will include finance and accounting, budget, comptrollership, analysis, general management, supervisory management, leadership, executive development, and other selected courses identified by DoD.
This has involved implementation of the Financial Information Strategy (FIS) and the Modern Comptrollership Initiative (MCI) to establish detailed policies on capital assets and departmental financial statements, and provide managers with, among other things, integrated financial and non-financial performance information, a sound approach to risk management, and appropriate control systems.
As an example, the Defense Comptrollership Program (DCP)--Whitman's flagship Defense Program--represents a unique cooperative endeavor between the university and the Department of Defense (DoD).
The fiscal management of Canada's federal government has undergone, and continues to experience, significant change, with the implementation of the Financial Information Strategy (FIS) and the Modern Comptrollership Initiative (MCI).
He holds a BS in Business Management and an MPA in Comptrollership.
A review of the plan suggests that, by replacing the spin-doctors with some of Canada's leading experts in the field, the current government is making an effort to fundamentally revamp modern public sector comptrollership.