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5, 2015, Comptroller Hegar and Governor Abbott announced their joint proposal to move the METEF from the comptroller's office to the governor's office," Reissig said in a statement in the audit.
The nomination committee should have drawn up the shortlist of candidates months ago to allow Congress enough time to elect the new comptroller general before the deadline.
Upon completing 12 months as a command chief assistant, SSgt Mendoza-Taylor returned to the 633d Comptroller Squadron and filled the vital role of financial services supervisor.
To enable the "ends," the comptroller staff works with all the Atlantic Fleet Type Commanders, the East coast shipyards at Norfolk, Va.
14) These cases do not foreclose, on constitutional grounds, the creation of a board of trustees to replace the Comptroller as sole trustee.
New York's comptroller entered those companies' statements in a book open to public inspection.
In a separate, coordinated action, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency announced on February 2, 2005, the issuance of a consent order against Banco de Chile and Banco de Chile's New York branch.
03(1) requires the comptroller to set the rate of interest payable on judgments and decrees on December 1 for the year beginning the following January.
On behalf of the 15,000 members of the Mason Tenders District Council I want to commend New York City Comptroller William Thompson for acting today to debar Rapid Demolition.
The lead investment in the venture is a $15 million contribution from New York state Comptroller H.
Comptroller is generally the accurate term for government financial officers: the comptroller of the currency, the state comptroller.
Banks, even if they did a little securities business or sold insurance, reported only to the Comptroller of the Currency or the Federal Reserve and a state banking superintendent.
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Office of Thrift Supervision.
In office since 1989, she is the only elected county comptroller in Florida, with more power than most county comptrollers: She has the authority to audit all the county's departments, including those of the other county officers, such as the county property appraisers and the tax collector.
After the Comptroller issued various pronouncements concerning the Texas treatment of push-down accounting, the Texas legislature added section 171.