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very small bipedal carnivorous dinosaur of the late Jurassic in Bavaria

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Fastest was the sports coupe-like Compsognathus GTi boasting a sporty 40mph.
Ranging from the little Compsognathus ($2,300) to the 12-foot Velociraptor ($35,000) to the 45-foot long T.
5 The smallest dino is the chicken-sized compsognathus, around 70 cm, nose to tail and weighing 3kg.
Peter Wellnhofer of the Bavarian State Collection of Paleontology and Historical Geology in Munich reports in the June 24 SCIENCE that he has identified a new Archaeopteryx specimen, which had been found many years ago and misidentified as the dinousaur Compsognathus.
Then I thought this was a leg bone from a Compsognathus.