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Synonyms for comp

a free ticket entitling one to transportation or admission


Synonyms for comp

an intensive examination testing a student's proficiency in some special field of knowledge

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amp;uot;The ability to do color comps, combined with the versatility of the printer, makes the HP DeskJet 1220C/PS a must-have printer for anyone involved in a graphics-related profession.
Diane Dare (30) won a Winter League comp from Ann Richards (29) and Jane Bell (29).
The airline will donate one Comps Point for each Comps Point donated to Miracle Flights by National Comps members.
Comps at Penney's drugstore unit increased 8 percent, with front-end sales climbing 2.
Penney continue to disappoint and are likely to face significant earnings pressure with third quarter comps of -5.
3 percent, while rival Federated Department Stores' comps nudged up 0.
COM under a merger agreement entered into on November 3, 1999, among CoStar, COMPS and a wholly-owned subsidiary of CoStar.
More recently, May has been able to stabilize its comps, while Field's comps increased by 5.
Nasdaq: CSGP) announced it has completed the acquisition of COMPS.
With multi-market comps, we aren't just adding benefits, we're multiplying them with the number of hotels, shows, restaurants, spas, golf courses and retail attractions where members can spend their comp dollars.
Therefore, new store growth (in some cases as much as 23 months) is not calculated in comps, which should make a significant difference if this accounting method would change.