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Synonyms for compromising

making or willing to make concessions

vulnerable to danger especially of discredit or suspicion

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I shall focus on this aspect of the compromising problem, rather than the process of negotiation that is usually the forerunner to a compromise.
What this research suggests is that this nation is still struggling with the challenges and benefits of compromising on difficult issues and working through the role of religion in public life.
If there are no other grounds for compromise, the IRS may compromise to promote effective tax administration where compelling public policy or equity considerations identified by the taxpayer provide a sufficient basis for compromising.
In fact, the growth of the characters is connected with their acceptance of the limits that life imposes and compromising with their environment (Chase 72).
Under the final regulation, compromise is permitted when there is no doubt as to liability or collectibility, and compromise would promote effective tax administration because (1) collection of the liability would create economic hardship or (2) compelling public policy or equitable considerations would provide a sufficient basis for compromising the liability.
Under prior policy, no basis for compromising Doe's liability was available to the IRS because the assessed amount was collectible over time through an installment, direct debit or payroll deduction agreement.
We've formulated Endure Revitalizing Skin Lotion and Cr[c]me to improve moisture levels in the skin without compromising the antimicrobial benefits of other products or the efficacy of gloves used by healthcare workers.
Howard defended the deals, claiming that compromising with the developers is a smart strategy.
Delivers Full QoS for 10Gbps Ethernet over Standard DWDM/OTN without Compromising Either Environment
7122-1T(b)(4)(i)-(iii) provides that, in addition to compromising a tax liability based on doubt as to liability and/or doubt as to collectibility, the IRS will compromise a liability to "promote effective tax administration" when:
Even in compromising as little as they did, Republicans did not really move to the center on most programs involved.
Testing by ISS' X-Force(R) research and development team has revealed that these exploits are successful at reliably compromising vulnerable systems.