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a negotiator willing to compromise

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Open, frank r discussion about compromiser agreg ements is essential.
Lebanese Forces parliamentarians including George Adwan, a gifted speaker who frequently delves into unclear monologues, and Sitrida Geagea, a charismatic politician who outshines her husband Samir and who is an able compromiser, may not vote for the proposal either.
Kennedy "tended to swing wildly in one way or the other," whereas O'Connor worked like "a gradualist, a compromiser, a politician who liked to make each side feel as
Elected to Congress in force in 2010, they regard the speaker as too much of a compromiser and tied his hands during talks in 2011 on raising the debt ceiling.
Because Clay believed so strongly in national unity and fought for it throughout his almost 50-year political career, he became known as "the Great Compromiser.
Taylor says that although Chiang projected decisiveness, "over the years he also proved to be a pragmatic compromiser, backing down and making concessions to warlords, Japanese, Communists, and Americans.
Compromiser style leader is a poor decision maker who is over influenced by the pressures of work, who minimizes immediate pressures and problems.
If it's history you want, Henry Clay, “The Great Compromiser,” is interred here.
I am status" usually city in the true, sense and its wanted it In Wrexham, were bothered rightly, it If a liberal compromiser like Dr Williams cannot unite the church on issues like gay clergy and women bishops, it begs the question why bother trying?
facilitator, compromiser and mediator between the other provinces and Ottawa.
In daily life we may use all of the interaction styles (avoider, accommodater, competer, compromiser, and collaborator), depending on the situation.
None of those parties is called the Wishy-Washy Compromiser Party.
Interviews with three dozen partners, co-counsel, legal adversaries, clients, family, and friends paint this picture of Hawkins: fair-minded thinker, observant listener, organized perfectionist, aggressive yet dignified advocate, honest adversary, consensus-builder, skilled compromiser, analytical decider, solid guy with a warm sense of humor, quietly spiritual gentleman, a straight arrow.
Everyone is expected to give up something and the compromiser him- or herself also expects to relinquish something.
Each general charged that Ike was a compromiser, a commander who was afraid to make the tough decision.