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Modal characteristics of compressor blades considering fluid-solid interaction, Applied Mechanics and Materials 37(6): 407-410.
The required reliability of compressor blades in this case can be reached by using rather expensive nickel-chromium and other heat-resistant alloys typical for gas turbines (Lahtin, Leontieva 1990).
Fouling of compressor blades is an important mechanism leading to performance deterioration in gas turbines over time.
6 million after taxes, or 25 cents per share) primarily to cover the costs of closing the Walbar compressor blade facility in Canada.
Postflight inspection found a low-pressure compressor blade had failed, taking out most of the compressor section of the engine.
GE Inspection Technologies unveils Lightscan, a complete, automated, shopfloor solution for quickly and accurately measuring compressor blade airfoils for comparison with CAD data to obtain immediate go/no go sentencing.
The controversial compressor blade factory had run into planning objections.
They're being used on the engine line, where both machines grind Inconel compressor blade root features.
LLC (PSM), an Alstom Group company, has introduced a new row zero compressor blade solution for 7FA gas turbines equipped with the flared compressor design.
Contract Awarded for Procurement aircraft engine compressor blade set replenishment spares
These measurements include boundary layer transition using TSP, pressure and temperature on the suction surface of a rotating compressor blade, and heat transfer and pressure measurements on the impingement surface of compressible impinging jets.
The blade was a segmented section of a compressor blade used in an aircraft engine.
5% improvement in fuel burn, include hardware changes to the core, including new high-pressure turbine blade, as well as manufacturing changes the fan and compressor blades and vanes to improve performance retention.
Over a five-month term, Wood Group GTS will provide a full set of first, second and third stage buckets for the gas turbine rotor and any necessary compressor blades.
GE Oil & Gas has completed a fast-track refurbishment project to eliminate corrosion of compressor blades on 14 gas turbines at Atlantic LNG Company of Trinidad and Tobago.