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a mechanical device that compresses gasses

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In a typical vapor compression system model, a compressor model is used to balance the refrigerant mass flow through the system along with the expansion device based on system pressures and compressor suction superheat (or enthalpy).
For gas pipeline compression applications, which require dry gas seals, a VSD double-casings compressor design might be a better option than integrally geared compressors, since a comparable compressor might require eight or 10 separate dry-gas seals, compared to four in a double-casings design.
Their combined 120 staff are joining Quincy Compressor as part of the transaction.
Mycom, based in Torrance, California, says that its new J-Series compressor has the lowest energy consumption of any screw compressor in its line, and is particularly well suited to low temperature freezing applications.
Fixed-speed compressors can be used to generate the base load, and a VSD compressor can be used for the variable load.
LG, the unrivalled leader in this innovative linear technology, developed the first Korean-made compressor in 1973 and the first market-ready linear compressor in 2001.
But the losses due to increasingly unfavorable incidence angles, combined with the performance characteristic of impellers to produce less head at higher flows, effectively limits the maximum flow through the compressor at a given operating speed.
The benefits of the CompAir technology used in the DH110-SR compressor are far reaching.
Up to now, the Turbocor compressor has been available for central chillers of 60 to 190 tons.
Together these enable testing not only of the rotation and performance of the compressor itself but also of comprehensive compressor plant operation by actually connecting compressors and a steam turbine driving the compressors.
There are a range of different compressor designs for mechanically driven superchargers but it is the centrifugal compressor, the same design as most turbochargers, that is the most efficient when the engine is at full load.
To fix the problem, regulators were adjusted for maximum pressure, causing a pressure gradient from the end use application back to the point of supply, which necessitated higher compressor discharge pressure to overcome the gradient.
To circumvent this requirement, owners and designers design central systems for large buildings using many small, relatively inefficient compressor units of less than 15 horsepower.
Yet choosing the right compressor can be difficult, especially given new technological developments, and concerns about steady pressure, maintenance, and electrical power.
On the positive displacement side, the reciprocating piston category of compressor and vacuum pump depends on admission and delivery to the cylinder through valves, much like the action in an automobile engine.