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Synonyms for compression

Synonyms for compression

a compressing of something

Synonyms for compression

an increase in the density of something

the process or result of becoming smaller or pressed together

encoding information while reducing the bandwidth or bits required

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is an industry leader in the field of compression, image compression and image processing technology, licensing technology to thousands of developers, software publishers and OEMs, including Corel Corp.
LEAD's products include LEADVIEW 3 for Windows, an image management tool aimed at end-users, LEADTOOLS, a family of imaging software development toolkits and LEADTOOLS DATA Compression Toolkit (formerly TripleSpace), a data compression technology aimed at OEMs.
Sorenson Media is the recognized leader in video compression and streaming services that empower people to more expressly entertain, educate and communicate over the Web.
Sorenson Video is the industry pacesetter for high-quality video compression at low-bandwidth delivery.
Application Provides High-Volume Compression and Encryption of DICOM Images; Maintains Image Fidelity, While Dramatically Reducing File Size, Freeing Bandwidth and Storage Capacity; Protects Images from Improper Access
Impact Labs today announced at the 20th Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Radiology (SCAR 2003) its next-generation DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine) compression server, Master Archive(TM) Medical Edition 3.
It involves determining if the person is without a pulse, assessing the airway, breathing for the person, and performing chest compressions to circulate blood to the body's vital organs.
Q-CPR, developed by Laerdal and Philips and available only on the HeartStart MRx monitor/defibrillator, offers medical professionals corrective feedback on the rate and depth of chest compressions, as well as the frequency and quality of ventilations (breaths), encouraging them to adjust their technique, as needed, to improve CPR performance.
The AED Plus now follows the newly recommended compression-to-ventilation ratio of 30 compressions to two breaths.
According to the AHA Guidelines(a), evidence from two clinical studies show that chest compression rate during unprompted CPR is frequently inadequate in both out-of-hospital and in-hospital settings.
There is just so much confusion in the marketplace as to ball construction, performance, compression and general characteristics, we decided our best service to our customers is an education campaign,'' said George Sine, Titleist's director of marketing.
The three CPR trainers with the highest percentage of compressions in target were:
It would be of interest to determine a relationship between compression set and CSR, and to evaluate the strengths and limitations of these tests in defining sealing capability and predicting service life.
Compression Science, a company with a world-renowned technology team developing next-generation digital video encoding and decoding technology, announced today that it has named Celso Azevedo as chief executive officer (CEO).
ASTM Designation D575-88--Test Methods for Rubber Property in Compression," 1994 Annual book of ASTM Standards, Section 9 Rubber, Vol.