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Synonyms for pressure

Synonyms for pressure

the act, condition, or effect of exerting force on someone or something

power used to overcome resistance

to cause (a person or thing) to act or move in spite of resistance

to maintain normal air pressure in


Synonyms for pressure

a force that compels

Related Words

the act of pressing

the state of demanding notice or attention

the somatic sensation that results from applying force to an area of skin

an oppressive condition of physical or mental or social or economic distress

Related Words

to cause to do through pressure or necessity, by physical, moral or intellectual means :"She forced him to take a job in the city"

exert pressure on someone through threats

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Measure Accommodation Cushioning Control Density Low Medium High Hardness Low Medium High Force Reduction Low High High Compression Stress Low Medium High Coefficient of Friction Low N/A N/A Shearing Low N/A N/A Moisture Regain High High N/A Water Vapor Permeability High High N/A Performance Index Optimal Optimal Optimal Score Score Score N/A = not applicable.
This test was completed in a much shorter time min) than compression stress relaxation and permanent set experiments.
On the basis of the information developed using the compression stress relaxation method, ISO 3884(A), the design engineer is, however, still not able to create the right geometry for a static seal because all measurements are made at the temperature of the aging.
The increment in ground compression stress deforms its skeleton and causes the recession of water from pores.
Since the model predicts that an increase in the radius of the bone indenter should reduce the peak compression stress in underlying muscle (Appendix), the pathoanatomy of the IT in subjects with paraplegia may theoretically have some protective effect as related to DTI, but it is counteracted by the loss of muscle thickness that increases muscle stresses.
Table 2 underlines the behavior of these TPV grades in compression stress relaxation at 23[degrees]C (73[degrees]F).
In the keys plane shear forces T induce a compression stress [[sigma].
The same explanation is suitable for the longitudinal surface stress that changed from tension stress to compression stress under high temperature.
Gore & Associates are designed for positive sealing of aggressive fluid piping applications on fragile flanges or flanges with irregularities, where bolt torque and gasket compression stress must be limited.
Instruments featured in this catalog include the H14 Macro IRHD hardness tester, bench hardness testers, the H12 Micro IRHD hardness tester, test blocks and sample tables, the H17 durometer scale hardness tester, pocket durometer accessories, H15/H16 pocket durometers, the P14 rapid plastimeter, the O14 aging chamber, the P2 Williams plastimeter, the L15 Gehman tester, the D15 moving die rheometer, the V15 Mooney viscometer, the O7E multi-cell aging oven, the C11 compression stress relaxometer, the S4 bench thickness gauge, and more.
After completing what were essentially static tests, the o-rings were examined for their dynamic response in a compression stress relaxation device [7-9].
The beams that contained butt joints at the compression side indicated a low stiffness due to inability of compression stress transmission across butt joints at the initial stage of bending test.
Testing services provided include abrasion, BFGoodrich flexometer, brittle-point, cold flex/bend, compression deflection, compression set, compression stress relaxation, DeMattia flex, extension fatigue-to-failure, flexural modulus/ strength, Gehman or Clash-Berg stiffness, heat aging, Izod impact, moving die rheometer, melt flow index and much more.
While compression set is commonly seen as a primary property, many designers prefer to establish compression stress relaxation (CSR) values to more fully characterize a material's sealing capability.