compression fracture

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fracture in which the bone collapses (especially in short bones such as vertebrae)

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Nearly 700,000 men and women suffer from a spinal compression fracture each year.
com/prnh/20130307/600769 This report covers the market analysis of the minimally invasive vertebral compression fracture repair technologies namely, vertebroplasty and balloon kyphoplasty.
In addition to collecting information on respondents' specialty, it asked whether they had seen at least one patient during the last 18 months with an osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture.
1] in the vertebral fractures group and they did not find any difference between the women with osteoporosis without compression fracture and control patients.
The role of imaging in the evaluation of a suspected vertebral compression fracture is extremely important in terms of patient selection.
We are pleased to offer spine surgeons increased options for treating patients with debilitating spine deformities, such as vertebral compression fractures.
Introduction: Kyphoplasty, a minimally invasive technique, has recently been developed to provide immediate pain relief, biomechanical stabilization, prevention of fracture progression, vertebral height restoration, and prevention or reversal of kyphosis to patients with osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures (VCF).
The clinical studies were made public in Vertebral Osteoporotic Compression Fractures ((C) 2003), a new compendium of recent research published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
We have begun commercial shipments to Europe of our VCF repair which is designed for the treatment of vertebral compression fractures (VCFs).
com/research/qvmn73/minimally) has announced the addition of the "Minimally Invasive Vertebral Compression Fracture Repair Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast to 2019" report to their offering.
An analysis of the minimally invasive vertebral compression fracture (VCF) treatment market revealed that the US market is expected continue to expand in the next five years, growing from $365 million in 2006 to more than $650 million by 2011, according to Canadian firm Millennium Research Group (MRG).
com/research/66fnpx/global_minimally_i) has announced the addition of the "Global Minimally Invasive Vertebral Compression Fracture Devices Market 2011-2015" report to their offering.
The report provides value, in millions of US dollars, and volume (in units) and average price data (in US dollars), within market categories - Spinal Fusion, Vertebral Compression Fracture Repair Devices and Spinal Non-Fusion.
According to a new market report published by Transparency Market Research " Minimally Invasive Vertebral Compression Fracture Repair Market (Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty Devices) - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Sha re, Growth, Trends and Forecast, 2013 - 2019 " , the global minimally invasive vertebral compression fracture repair market was valued at USD 1.
to use the new Stryker TroFlex Curved Needle to treat a vertebral compression fracture (VCF) patient during a Balloon Kyphoplasty procedure.