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Synonyms for compressible

capable of being compressed or made more compact

capable of being easily compressed


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Option: preloading embankment on the entire route on compressible soil, clearing after 6 months in the grip of future flood relief work (work of art that will be the subject of a specific market) .
Certain highly compressible PTFE products can help reduce or eliminate these potential problems.
Ashland's new range of directly compressible (DC) Benecel DC hypromellose (HPMC) delivers innovation and efficiency in the tablet-making process to formulators without compromising the performance of the final product.
T-Liner[R] has a uniform wall thickness and incorporates compressible material at the upstream and downstream ends creating a smooth tapered transition to the host pipe.
com)-- A compressible form-in-place PTFE joint sealant, which conforms to almost any sealing surface, is available from AGIS, LLC, a suburban Philadelphia manufacturer/distributors of sealing products.
102 mm) diameter firm products and more compressible products up to 6 in.
The seals are formed from folded stacks, discrete segments, or pleated material arranged to provide a resiliently compressible seal that can be located at one or more locations within the absorbent article, e.
Abstract: This paper describes development of a displacement/pressure finite volume based method for modeling of compressible and incompressible linear elastic body problem.
Subsequent chapters address steady one-dimensional flow, normal shock waves, oblique shock and expansion waves, compressible flow equations, similarity rule, and two-dimensional compressible flows, among other topics, ending with chapters on ramjet, and jets.
Lavik said: "The military has been phenomenal at developing technology to halt bleeding, but the technology has been effective only on external or compressible injuries.
F-Melt is directly compressible and designed for oral disintegrating tablet (ODT) technology.
The direct compressible grades allow first-rate tableting properties.
Interstate Thermal Insulation Foam is made from a compressible polyolefin that is chemically crosslinked for added stability; the skin is said to be moisture-proof and resistant to microorganisms.
Optional features are available for automatic pressure setting and exclusion press cylinders, laminating compressible materials and detection of platen deflection in the event of improper loading.