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the property of being able to occupy less space

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Thus, at the end of the simulation, the PET material stiffness is underestimated or the liquid compressibility is overestimated.
In what follows, we derive analytical expressions for the FTLEs and the Lyapunov dimension as functions of compressibility and show that the results are in a good agreement with earlier simulation results.
I am saying that you can have some bounce-back, but because of the pressures involved and the compressibility of the plastic, the flow front will not hesitate.
The density data can then be used to calculate a Compressibility Index (comparable to a Carr Index) and a Compressibility Ratio (comparable to a Hausner Ratio).
They explain the physical phenomena encountered in compressible flow, practical situations in which compressibility effects are likely to be important, and assumptions conventional used in analyzing compressible flows.
Extensive laboratory and beta-site tests show that Benecel DC HPMC's flow and compressibility properties surpass those of other similar directly compressible products in the market.
Polymeric films for thermal dye transfer printing need improved compressibility, thermal insulation, gloss, and whiteness, without more filler.
Compressibility was determined by two methods: assuming that a load is equal to 2 kPa and that the load accounts for 30% of failure load F In accordance with this method, compressibility S is:
Further measurements of bulk properties, such as compressibility, permeability and density should also be considered to complement dynamic and shear measurements.
5 different PDF compression modes for users to easily select the PDF compressibility that matches their requirements.
The unit's electronics platform determines energy content, relative density and compressibility based on industry-standard calculation methods.
Moreover, high solute concentrations reduce medium compressibility, which is related to the effects of pressure.
The green series is said to offer zero cost for oil supply, filtration or disposal, and there is no deviation due to oil viscosity, oil compressibility or drifting valve action time.
Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the additional research of lightweight composite to determine such properties, as compressibility, ability to stand static and dynamic loads, as well as normalised impact sound pressure level.
The most important strenght indicators of thermal insulation materials are: compression stress by 10% deformation, stress parallel to the sample surface and compressibility [4].