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Synonyms for compress

Synonyms for compress

to subject to compression

to reduce in size, as by drawing together

Synonyms for compress

a cloth pad or dressing (with or without medication) applied firmly to some part of the body (to relieve discomfort or reduce fever)

make more compact by or as if by pressing

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A piston compresses the button as forces are transmitted to a load cell at the ambient.
SuperDoubler's AutoDoubler program is a dedicated idle-time compressor that automatically and transparently compresses everything on a hard disk, except for the System Folder and user-specified exclusions -- doubling storage capacity.
Its safety mechanisms include an exclusive, fault-tolerant technology that automatically checks the new compressed version against the original file as it compresses.
Our ability to embed JBIG2 within a PDF greatly compresses the original file to a more manageable size that can be viewed by virtually anyone with Adobe Acrobat, thereby eliminating the concerns associated with proprietary files.
The eFotoXpress product is an easy-to-use photo utility that compresses images with highest possible efficiency.