compressed gas

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gas at a high pressure that can be used as a propellant

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Calandra also chairs the Food Gas Committee of the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) of which Linde is a member.
The Atlas Copco oil-free HX booster could guarantee the integrity of the compressed gas during the recovery phase and was perfectly adapted to the job with a variable inlet pressure between 2 and 7bar(e) and the 20bar(e) pressure at discharge.
You can also use shots of compressed gas duster to remove stubborn debris.
Romorini, who has commemorated in 3-dimensional art the stories of American Chemical Society, American Society of Civil Engineers, Marriott International, Oprah Winfrey and USA Today, among others, designed CGA's 100th anniversary art with a unique custom base bordered by compressed gas cylinders.
In Armenia up to 30% of cars already run on clean compressed gas, according to the nation's Transport Ministry.
While the EU is looking at 2020 before 10% of vehicles there will use alternative fuel, in Armenia up to 30% of cars already run on clean compressed gas, officials Yerevan say.
When the material has reached forming temperature, the film is forced into the evacuated mold cavities with compressed gas pressure of about 50 bar.
Oren's robot used puffs of compressed gas, which sent the ball flying across the field.
Previously the use of oxygen during flights was banned because it is typically provided in metal tanks containing the compressed gas, considered a hazardous material, reports Reuters.
For years, company officials in many industries have complained that there is no truly safe and efficient way to handle compressed gas cylinders.
The compressed gas goes into a pipeline and is transported 205 miles north to the Canadian Weyburn oilfield where it is injected into the oilfield.
When the pressure surrounding the seal is released suddenly, the compressed gas inside the elastomer tries to expand and escape, causing damaging tears, blisters and cracks.
A patented, self-aligning system uses compressed gas to apply a continuous load to a pull-stub mounted on the test surface, Push button operation eliminates operator bias.
But at reduced pressures--or if the gas is light--the compressed gas resists less vigorously, generating a weaker splash or none at all.
AFV said graduates of the class will be qualified to train students in the Certified Detailed Visual Inspection portion of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/NGV-2 and Compressed Gas Association industry standards.
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