compressed gas

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gas at a high pressure that can be used as a propellant

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There is a possibility that during the manufacturing process, some inflators may have been improperly welded and/or misassembled, which may allow the stored compressed gas to be released into the inflator, resulting in partial inflation of the airbag without a deployment command.
A small amount of water mist is expelled from the cylinder with the compressed gas on each compression stroke.
The Atlas Copco oil-free HX booster could guarantee the integrity of the compressed gas during the recovery phase and was perfectly adapted to the job with a variable inlet pressure between 2 and 7bar(e) and the 20bar(e) pressure at discharge.
You can also use shots of compressed gas duster to remove stubborn debris.
Romorini, who has commemorated in 3-dimensional art the stories of American Chemical Society, American Society of Civil Engineers, Marriott International, Oprah Winfrey and USA Today, among others, designed CGA's 100th anniversary art with a unique custom base bordered by compressed gas cylinders.
The average compressed gas cylinder is about four feet tall, weighs 34 kg, and holds a certain concentration of gas pressurized to 2,000 to 2,600 psi.
The Buccaneer Launcher System uses compressed gas to launch anything from a line, to netting or solid projectiles, including high-visibility smoke and splash projectiles to gain the attention of any intruder.
The state began the cleanup in 2010 by disposing of discarded tires, chemical drums, compressed gas cylinders, and numerous containers of solid and hazardous waste.
As included in Bulgaria's efforts to diversify, Traikov mentioned the ongoing constructions of links with the natural gas infrastructures of neighboring countries, Bulgaria's participation in the Nabucco and South Stream natural gas pipeline projects, the opportunity to transport compressed gas from Azerbaijan, as well as ongoing projects to explore for shale gas within Bulgaria.
The automaker aims to launch van, pickup and chassis cab models that operate on compressed gas starting in around two years.
The government will take a decision on the method of importing the gas, either through North Korea via pipeline or using a sea route from Russia in the form of liquefied or compressed gas.
The compressed gas however contains some water vapour and acidic gases like carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulphide.
A full-color product guide details how gas and liquid separators remove potentially damage-causing moisture and particulate matter from steam, compressed air, and compressed gas lines to protect turbines, heat exchangers, and other expensive equipment.
In Armenia up to 30% of cars already run on clean compressed gas, according to the nation's Transport Ministry.
When the material has reached forming temperature, the film is forced into the evacuated mold cavities with compressed gas pressure of about 50 bar.
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