compressed air

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air at a pressure greater than that of the atmosphere

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Commenting on the launch of the new PO Series, Mark Whitmore, General Manager at BOGE, said: "Durable, reliable and most importantly, oil-free, the PO Series has been designed specifically to suit the needs of customers that rely on compressed air with maximum purity.
However, if a food manufacturer's compressed air system already includes oil-injected compressors, the second best air treatment option is multistage filtration.
There are many reasons why the UK arm of "Hertz Kompressoren" now has considerably more to offer people in the UK seeking compressed air products than many other companies in the same sector.
Nowadays compressed air is virtually used in all production and automated processes,' remarked Bashar Nass, the general manager of Nass Commercial.
A compressed air car engine works in a way similar to the internal combustion version - Fuel forces pistons to turn a crankshaft and power the car.
The contract includes two phases of activity, covering the technology transfer and proof of the technical concept in the first phase, and completing detailed development of the compressed air engine into specific vehicle and stationary applications in the second phase.
This enables the compressor to precisely adjust the compressed air production according to the compressed air demand.
Bakery director Adam Haigh said the existing and ageing compressor was no longer able to effectively meet these new demands and invited Boge Compressors to assess the compressed air system.
This is a survey of the complete usage of compressed air and an assessment of both the cost and the real need for using it.
While on the subject of blue sky thinking, here's my contribution: an Italian company is currently rolling out cars powered by highly compressed air, using a modified, normal engine and giving a reasonable range.
EAST BROOKFIELD - The town's new pumper, a 2007 Smeal Spartan with compressed air foam capabilities, arrived in town late last week, but it may be a few days before it's put in service as the department's first-response truck for the majority of fire calls.
EXAIR's new EFC is a user-friendly electronic flow control for compressed air that is designed to minimize compressed air use on blowoff, drying, cooling, conveying, and static elimination operations.
Since the split-cycle configuration produces compressed air during its operation, Scuderi engineers decided it would be ideal if they could capture the air produced during the combustion process and use it to power the engine and auxiliary items.
Clean, dry, compressed air is said to save money, reduce energy costs, save time, prevent air line freezeups and prevent downtime, according to the company's brochure.
The goal of the test was to maintain performance while eliminating compressed air consumption and substantially reducing the horsepower associated with operating the system.