compressed air

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air at a pressure greater than that of the atmosphere

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Most mills design supply with no idea of compressed air demand, believing that the system is supply-driven or can be controlled by supply.
Recommendation: There are four major areas that determine the cost and efficiency of the compressed air system: unstable head pressure; high levels of moisture and oil; size and configuration of discharge piping; and leakage and filtration.
The company reported that the Exair air emitters run quietly and have a high capacity for blowing chips off parts for the amount of compressed air they use.
Says Ronnie Leten, Business Area President, Atlas Copco Compressor Technique, "We are proud that Atlas Copco is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Atlas Copco Airpower as a leader in compressed air.
The unique combination of refrigerant and adsorption drying technology enables high quality compressed air to be provided to the end-user at low energy consumption levels.
Metpoint[R] OCV makes the quality of compressed air visible Metpoint OCV offers precision measurement technology for all industrial sectors, where compressed air plays an important part in the production process and realtime monitoring of compressed air quality is process critical.
As a major contaminant of compressed air systems, oil aerosols (minute droplets of oil suspended in the air stream) can be partially removed by coalescing filters in condensate form.
Reducing the cost of compressed air is one of the easiest energy management activities that a company can undertake.
New Goscor Compressed Air Systems GM, industry stalwart Paul Combe, has managed the compressed air business at Goscor since it came into the group in 2005.
In 2002, Techni-Cast implemented a project to retrofit its compressed air system with more appropriately sized compressors while upgrading the controls and taking other measures to increase the compressed air system's efficiency.
Compressed air is one of the most critical inputs to the company's manufacturing operations.
The pressure business develops, manufactures, sells and services a complete line of multistage centrifugal blowers and industrial and mobile positive-displacement blowers, complementing Ingersoll Rand's existing line of compressed air technologies and services.
1,010 m compressed air pipes made of stainless steel dn 15 - dn 65, - 150 pieces of compressed air fittings dn 15 to dn 65, - 80 sampling points for compressed air, - -.
The most expensive component in the total cost of compressed air is energy.
Whether compressed air is generated via positive displacement compression or dynamic compression, compressors fall into two broad ranges--oil-injected and oil-free.