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Synonyms for comprehensiveness

completeness over a broad scope


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the capacity to understand a broad range of topics

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Its major strengths is its comprehensiveness and the way the editor presents short but representative selections that will appeal to students.
In 1986, tax reformers considered a consumption tax base and, despite the arguments in favor of such a system, they decided to enhance the comprehensiveness of the income tax system then in place.
Further, he asserts that the comprehensiveness and validity of any Jesus book rest upon how well the scholar's work answers all five questions.
A growing body of literature assessing the accuracy, comprehensiveness, and attribution reporting of health information finds these areas lacking and contributing to the poor assessment of quality.
While the traditional topics are covered in customary detail, the strength of the book is its comprehensiveness and portability, providing a convenient reference.
All Canadian parties once again pledged allegiance to the principles of Canada's national health care system--public administration, comprehensiveness, universality, portability and accessibility.
The service saves time, significantly lowers landlords' risk because of its comprehensiveness, and costs as little as $9.
As such, the importance of career counseling in the nation has not been in doubt, even though there has sometimes been a discrepancy between the legislative vision and definition of career counseling or the comprehensiveness of who should be served by career counseling and the visions embraced by theorists and researchers.
Although it cannot claim the comprehensiveness of either Olsen's or Andrea Emiliani's (1985) catalogue raisonne it serves as a readable, accessible introduction to this artist.
The USGS wastewater assessment "is the best to date" in terms of comprehensiveness, says Christian G.
Websites for physicians rate only average or below average in ease of use and overall comprehensiveness, say 101 physicians polled by Harris Interactive recently.
When you play Thursday, Friday and then Sunday afternoon (as they did last week), you don't have the same comprehensiveness in the game plan as if you have (all week to prepare).
His synthetic approach leads to a comprehensiveness which has eluded most of his predecessors.
In the name of comprehensiveness, fairness, and legal defensibility, regulators feel bound to take all contingencies into account.
Well known for its coverage, accuracy, currentness, comprehensiveness, Auto-Cite is used by lawyers, law students, paralegals, and librarians.
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