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in an all-inclusive manner

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Mercedes looked over their shoulders and nodded comprehensively, it was all so very simple.
The strategic layout, known as "four comprehensives", refers to a political concept initiated by Chinese President Xi Jinping, which comprises comprehensively building a moderately prosperous society, comprehensively deepening reform, comprehensively advancing the rule of law, and strictly governing the Communist Party of China in a comprehensive way.
MAN Burscough produced their best performance and biggest win of the season as they comprehensively outplayed Radcliffe Borough at Victoria Park.
JALALABAD (Pajhwok): Militants laced with hand grenades attacked campaign offices of three election candidates in eastern Laghman province, comprehensively damaging the buildings, an official said Friday.
APEC aims to achieve comprehensively integrated Asia-Pacific
Summary: Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC), the master developer of ports and industrial zones in the emirate, has organized a table-top exercise to comprehensively rehearse crisis management scenarios at Khalifa Port with all of the key organisations in the emirate.
LUXEMBOURG, Rajab 26, 1434, Jun 5, 2013, SPA -- There is an urgent need for members of the European Union to tackle evolving terror threats "quickly and comprehensively," UPI quoted an Irish minister as saying Wednesday.
Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Liam Byrne said: "Figures reveal the Work Programme is comprehensively failing.
announced its nationwide launch of 360 Health--a robust benefits program to comprehensively address preventive care, health improvement and care coordination.
The Evolution of the G-7 and Economic Policy Coordination," which for the first time lays out quite shrewdly and comprehensively a global gameplan to deal with U.
Also included in TES are systems to comprehensively combine information from photovoltaic (solar power) systems, sub-metering systems that monitor electrical use in individual apartments, existing energy management systems, and emergency generators.
Laplander comprehensively explores the recorded stories of happened in a truly epic struggle from beginning to end.
Comprehensively and knowledgeably compiling the collective modern understandings of childhood emotional and behavior problems, development, and individual variables, Children In Family Contexts describes a impressive range of treatments, advances, and environmental interactions which help in creating a positive progression, including pharmacotherapy, and so much more.
Additionally, the system can comprehensively analyze various data related to ordering, purchasing, and inventory.
This entertaining educational series includes Number Patterns; Multiples And Factors; Integers; Fractions; Doubles And Halves; Decimals (Adding Subtracting And Comparing); Decimals; and Percentages, each of which is deftly presented in child-friendly ten to fifteen minute lessons which comprehensively explore the details and facts of its own particular subject area.
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