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a large British or Canadian secondary school for children of all abilities

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State and Local Programs under Chapter 2 of Title I of The Elementary and Secondary Education Act support, at the discretion of state and local educational agencies, projects to enhance personal excellence of students and student achievement in physical fitness and comprehensive school health education.
The catchment areas of Treorchy Comprehensive School and Ferndale Community School would change and new catchment areas would be set up for the new middle schools.
How these states define and implement what they consider comprehensive school health education needs to be examined.
Roberto De Benedictis, of the National Union of Teachers Cymru, said: "Some staff at the school ran a test and timed how long it takes to drive a bus from Cymer Afan Comprehensive School to the site in Margam and it took 56 minutes.
1Pontarddulais Comprehensive School Authority: Swansea Gender: Mixed TOTAL SCORE 85
However, in those places where grammar schools do not exist the more academic kids do just as well in the comprehensive schools as their grammar school equivalents and the less able do much better than their sec mod equivalents.
Kenan Simmons, 12, Boldon Comprehensive School pupil, of Boldon, said: "I love football and I play for the Jarrow Dragons around three times a week.
It is the position of the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) that age-appropriate health education about human sexuality should be included as part of a comprehensive school health education program and be accessible to all students in schools.
Many journalists reporting the economists' verdict on social mobility have, however, gone one step further to claim not only that social mobility has declined but also that the demonstrated cause of the reduction was the introduction of a comprehensive school system.
Just 7 per cent of comprehensive school pupils took a modern foreign language A-level compared with 13 per cent of those at grammar school and 19 per cent at private school.
As someonewho grewup in Norris Green,who attended De la Salle School andwho has taught in each of the schools in the area, I amdeeply saddened by a schools reorganisation where the only co-educational comprehensive school is to close and two single-sex schools, as "faith-based Academies",will survive.
ON FRIDAY will come to pass the final demise of the school known as Croxteth Community Comprehensive School, bringing to a conclusion a process of eradication of the last vestiges of a truly comprehensive system of education in the area.
The policy brief defines the importance of comprehensive school physical activity programs and is designed to inform and guide administrators and employees in providing school-based physical activity opportunities and employee wellness programs.
To put the record straight: in 2007 54 per cent of pupils at Mountain Ash Comprehensive School achieved the Level 2 threshold (equivalent to 5 grades A-C at GCSE), two points above the LEA figure and one point below the all-Wales figure.
This volume considers the effectiveness of comprehensive school reform and its impact and outcomes.
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