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Synonyms for comprehensive

Synonyms for comprehensive

Synonyms for comprehensive

an intensive examination testing a student's proficiency in some special field of knowledge

including all or everything

broad in scope

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In the intervals of this work Ruskin published others less comprehensive, two of which are of the first importance.
Arnold's doctrine, of course, was not perfectly comprehensive nor free from prejudices; but none could be essentially more useful for his generation or ours.
Swift and comprehensive is the recognition of white man for white man in African wilds; instant and sure is the spiritual greeting between mother and babe; unhesitatingly do master and dog commune across the slight gulf between animal and man; immeasurably quick and sapient are the brief messages between one and one's beloved.
O my soul, there is nowhere a soul which could be more loving and more comprehensive and more extensive
Looking round him in the twilight of the horse-box, Vronsky unconsciously took in once more in a comprehensive glance all the points of his favorite mare.
with a comprehensive sweep on the last word, and one more delivery at Durdles.
From this day natural philosophy, and particularly chemistry, in the most comprehensive sense of the term, became nearly my sole occupation.
Then, three or four little boys dropped in, on legal errands from three or four attorneys of the Brass grade: whom Mr Swiveller received and dismissed with about as professional a manner, and as correct and comprehensive an understanding of their business, as would have been shown by a clown in a pantomime under similar circumstances.
A single statement must present the components of net income and total net income, the components of other comprehensive income and total other comprehensive income, and a total for comprehensive income.
Integrated, comprehensive talent management support systems are still being developed, while technology-enabled approaches for individual talent management processes are more commonly being implemented.
In 2003, the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) published The ASCA National Model: A Framework for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs.
A survey was mailed to approximately 2,500 Chief Financial Officers (CFO) of large companies in the United States to ask their perception of comprehensive income.
SofaWare's Internet security solutions significantly reduce the complexity and overhead costs typically required for VARs to quickly deploy, provision and remotely manage comprehensive security services.
Pen-y-Dre High in Merthyr; Porth, Blaengwawr Comprehensive, and Y Pant Comprehensive in Rhondda Cynon Taff.
Solution: A comprehensive nutrition assessment should incorporate a review of all MDS triggers or guidelines related to a resident's nutritional status.
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