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Although the other top foci (intonation, rhythm, and reductions such as hafta and gonna) have yet to be specifically examined in terms of their effect on intelligibility and comprehensibility, all three are reasonable choices for inclusion given their prominence in oral speech.
Finally, the comprehensibility of the language used is important, given the diverse nature of the target audience (Ingram, 1982).
The Comprehensibility and Content of Juvenile Miranda Warnings, 14 PSYCHOL.
LINGUISTIC COMPLEXITY OF TEST ITEMS AND THEIR COMPREHENSIBILITY Even though 84 percent of the modified items were identified as more easily comprehensible by at least three participants, 63 percent of the original items were rated "not at all difficult to understand"; 31 percent were rated "a little difficult to understand," 5 percent "somewhat difficult," and 1 percent "very difficult.
Moreover, the validity of such an approach is questionable also in determining the comprehensibility of the questions for the CLD children, as they may be at varied levels in their English skills, and may also interpret questions differently through the lens of their diverse cultural backgrounds.
In addition, the discovery of meaningful features contributes to better comprehensibility of the produced classifier, and a better understanding of the learned concept.
Sense of coherence is characterised by an individual's level of comprehensibility, manageability and meaningfulness, and the construct refers to why some people function better under stressful situations than others and are able to create meaning arising from complicated circumstances and maintain health.
This process allowed us to assess whether the improvements we made to the brochures had the desired effects on comprehensibility and acceptability.
With each successive CSR Report, Sony has sought to provide more detailed explanations of its CSR activities and improve the transparency and comprehensibility of global quantitative data relating to Sony's Group-wide resources.
This randomised, controlled trial evaluated the comprehensibility of instructions in different formats on what to do when oral contraceptive pills are missed.
The basic comprehensibility and thus the elemental coherence of a poem have been relegated to the background to the detriment of the unlocking of language itself as a super-poetic constant.
While it is admirable to employ local guides, a little more work could be done on comprehensibility - though it was an unfailing source of amusement to our group whenever the guide referred to peanuts without pronouncing the T.
A court must focus on a warning's "content and comprehensibility, intensity of expression and the characteristics of expected user groups" to determine its adequacy.
This particular algorithm proved to be superior with respect to clarity, scientific purity, and comprehensibility," says Fellendorf.
I shall merely confess to a petit-bourgeois partiality for comprehensibility and to what Pound himself called, in the nearest he ever came to a mea culpa with regard to his own ferocious anti-Semitism at a time of genocide, "a vulgar suburban prejudice" against those who suppose that their thoughts are so profound that they justify a lifetime of exegesis if ever their meaning is to be even so much as glimpsed through a glass darkly.