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At no point do the authors mention, for instance, the Hamburg model of comprehensibility ("Hamburger Verstandlichkeitsmodell," Langer et al), the extension of that model proposed by Groeben and Christmann or the Karlsruhe Comprehensibility Concept (Gopferich, "Von Hamburg," "Comprehensibility Assessment"), all of which go beyond readability formulas and are based on judging dimensions of comprehensibility such as semantic redundancy, stylistic simplicity, and personalization.
We argue that the comprehensibility of political news plays a crucial role for inducing a sense of competence.
Comprehensibility is measured by items 2, 6, 8, 9, and 11; manageability by items 3, 5, 10, and 13, and meaningfulness by items 1, 4, 7, and 12.
Male students had significantly higher comprehensibility compared to females individuals (22.
This edition had come about following the Council of Trent, and had drastically revised and abridged much of the chant repertoire, eliminating melismas that interfered with the comprehensibility of the text.
Written jointly by the editors, it is an exemplar of the fusion of comprehensiveness and comprehensibility that characterizes this book and makes it both compelling and impelling.
Rubio, analyses the topic of comprehensibility by contrasting a second language pronunciation MOOC and a traditional face-to-face course.
Besides assessing the sales expertise, the study also investigated professionalism, offer completeness and comprehensibility.
Eleven items contribute to comprehensibility (the ability to understand life events and situations as clear, ordered and structured), 10 to manageability (a sense of feeling that life is under control and the person can manage its demands) and 8 to meaningfulness (the perception that life situations are meaningful and are challenges worth facing).
Comprehensibility, Manageability and Meaningfulness) for the PCT group, and (c) to explore significant differences between the PCT and the control group after the intervention and at follow-up.
Competition judges evaluate the presenter's communication style, comprehensibility and engagement with the audience.
The rhythmically pregnant introductory fanfare "fired off" without exalted sound ensures perfect comprehensibility of individual parts right at the very beginning and establishes the requirement for faultless technical follow-through.
It's time we start training journalists to write with greater theoretical and critical rigor, and academics to write with comprehensibility as a central goal.