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And with this pleasing anticipation, she sat down to reconsider the past, recall the words and endeavour to comprehend all the feelings of Edward; and, of course, to reflect on her own with discontent.
I walked fast through the room: I stopped, half suffocated with the thoughts that rose faster than I could receive, comprehend, settle them:- thoughts of what might, could, would, and should be, and that ere long.
Perhaps, if you explained yourself a little more fully, I should comprehend better.
By enlarging too much the number of electors, you render the representatives too little acquainted with all their local circumstances and lesser interests; as by reducing it too much, you render him unduly attached to these, and too little fit to comprehend and pursue great and national objects.
Then," observed Elizabeth, "you must comprehend a great deal in your idea of an accomplished woman.
On the whole, she was rather pleased than otherwise, that Antonio could receive and return what was evidently intended for a witticism, although as yet she did not comprehend it.
Miss Emmerson listened in surprise; but as her niece often talked in a manner that she did not comprehend, she attributed it to the improvements in education, and was satisfied.
The frightened pair now stood still, whilst we endeavoured to make them comprehend the nature of our wants.
D'Artagnan easily controlled himself: and yet, on this occasion, he could not help evincing a joy which the reader will perhaps comprehend, if he deigns to have some indulgence for a man who, since his birth, had never seen so many pieces and rolls of pieces juxtaplaced in an order truly agreeable to the eye.
Which one might not undo without a sabre, If one could merely comprehend the plot.
That that is, is between superior and inferior, whose fortunes may comprehend the one the other.
Place yourself there, close to me, Aramis, and I conjure you, for the last time, to explain to me in a manner I can comprehend - explain to me what we are doing here.
It was not until Ernest and I were back in New York, and after weeks had elapsed, that we were able to comprehend thoroughly the full sweep of the disaster that had befallen the Cause.
Excuse me, but I'm absolutely unable to comprehend how.
Some hours passed thus, while they, by their countenances, expressed joy, the cause of which I did not comprehend.