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All Meudon attended in the streets, and my Xavier, after a long time comprehending what he had done, excused himself in a thousand apologies.
Far from comprehending him or his sister in their father's misconduct, Mrs.
Henry's indignation on hearing how Catherine had been treated, on comprehending his father's views, and being ordered to acquiesce in them, had been open and bold.
His eyes gleamed with sudden hope, and, without too thoroughly comprehending what was taking place, he stretched out his hands to his unexpected deliverers.
Introducing readers to a methodical and documented account based upon expertly researched information and analysis, Dirty Dealing provides a progressive basis for comprehending the global funding of international terrorism, major national and international organized criminal groups, the impact of the internet and "cyber laundering", and international anti-money laundering strategies for all types of corporate and multinational businesses.
In other words, writing academic papers and comprehending conceptually-laden texts requires English proficiency beyond that of basic communicative English.
10) provides grades 2-4 with a fine simple review of the sun's properties, with activities to go along, from examples of sun paintings and depiction in ancient to modern art to comprehending size, understanding eclipses, and more.
His problem was that he had difficulty comprehending what he read.
The one drawback to becoming Rugby Union fans, however, is the problem of comprehending the rules.
In comprehending a film, the spectator transforms this raw data into a coherent mental representation (the film's fabula or diegesis).
Not only have we failed to understand that children's brains are not fully developed until they reach maturity - and are thus incapable of comprehending the consequences of their sometimes inexplicable behavior - we have failed in our primary duty as parents and responsible adults: to protect and nurture our children to the point when they have the mental, physical, psychological and moral ability to assume the mantle of responsibility we bestow upon them.
As for comprehending the mystery of God, Vassar says, "I don't want to know God in a scholarly way.
The feat represents a major step toward comprehending the physiology and mechanics of insect flight, they say.
Our solution begins by first comprehending the business processes through monitoring and analyzing all of the business users' daily activities.
The importance of vocabulary knowledge, particularly of technical terms, in comprehending subject area text is discussed and strategies for support for library terminology in Web based catalogs are suggested.