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capable of being comprehended or understood

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Fast Facts: Epilepsy is a quick, go-to, desk reference for the healthcare professional treating the adult or pediatric population The layout of the book is precise, and the content is easily comprehendible.
If the mainstream media continually repeats and updates stories with official accounts, past reporting may be obviated and replaced by easily comprehendible propaganda.
But, we tried to concentrate on the more detailed information to make the conceptualization more comprehensive and comprehendible.
51 over time in the financial statements Financial statements are comprehendible a4 0.
Maybe in time it will become a bit more comprehendible but at the moment our thoughts and prayers are with his family.
One is to add a piece of firework to the centennial celebrations of general relativity; to introduce a deeper theory that transcends spacetime; and to reveal the ubiquitous effects of quantum entanglement in simple logical comprehendible terms.
It is entirely comprehendible, given recent events, why so many fans are viewing what may be in store over the coming days with a sense of trepidation.
It not only offers him the chance of individual achievement and a personal vision, the establishment of the Russian National People's Army and military redemption on the battlefield, but his captivity in the "Reich of Rationalism" is also more comprehendible than his life under "Comrade Stalin.
This kind of approach is especially needed if the model has many different aspects which are not comprehendible without some sort of visual representation.
He opined that since million of average Pakistanis are the main consumers of these business stories therefore concerted efforts must also be made to turn these simplistic and comprehendible for the vast majority.
The author has captured these complex aspects and put them across to the reader in a lucid manner so that it is comprehendible even to a person not having any legal background.
Hence, the government is culpable in low literacy; the consumer must not only get the appropriate information, but must get it in an easily usable comprehendible form.
It also confirmed that the materials that were converted into formats accessible by the students who were visually impaired were comprehendible, enabling the two groups of students to reach the same learning outcomes and similar achievement levels.
As they were talking in their native language, it was hard for me to grab much of it, but the names of places such as Wakhan, Afghania, Islam, Nato, Taliban were comprehendible.
Her explanations of the economic and scientific issues (chapter 1) are comprehendible and fair to all sides of the debate but also commendable for their brevity.