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Synonyms for comprehended

fully understood or grasped

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the word "dog" among animal pictures), 94 percent comprehended the word "dog" as opposed to just noticing the word.
It is the comprehension step, which is formed by the behaviors that distinguishes a person who has comprehended, from a person who has memorized.
The chances are good that the message will be comprehended thoroughly by about 670,000 of those readers, two-thirds of them.
Finally, the characters and focalisers are the agents most clearly comprehended by the spectator.
The 20 learning-disabled students who comprehended false belief displayed the word knowledge of 6 1/2-year-olds.
Besides comprehending cell delay and wire delay, which logic and physical synthesis tools did, now with interconnect synthesis shapes and switching of neighboring wires are comprehended.
The researcher found that when the fifth grade students comprehended how to use a writing technique they were able to apply it to their own personal, expressive writing.