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a sentence composed of at least two coordinate independent clauses

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The focus may be, for example, to enrich meaning by including noun or verb phrases, or to include compound sentences in their writing.
Such conventions included noun groups, compound sentences and pronoun reference, all of which were a part of my school's English units for the year.
Find another example of a compound sentence in the book and repeat the exercise.
Sindhi syntax is also bit complex due to complex and compound sentence types and partial constituent ordering.
With the exception of sentences [1] and [4], all of the remaining sentences are either simple sentences, a compound sentence joined by a semicolon [8], or a simple sentence with right-branching clauses [9].
The Compound Sentence: A compound sentence simply combines two or more simple sentences, or -- as they are also known -- independent clauses.
Thus, in the compound sentence "Amy went to the zoo, and Amy saw animals," "Amy" may be deleted from the second sentence to form the sentence "Amy went to the zoo and saw animals.
sentence--a group of words that contains a subject, a verb, and a "complete thought," that is, an idea that can stand alone; see also simple sentence, compound sentence, complex sentence, and compound-complex sentence
Simple and compound sentence circle The students are seated in a circle on the floor.
Those two students stood side by side and then a third student with a conjunction card stood between them so that three students were holding their new compound sentence together for the others to read.
A compound sentence contains two or more independent clauses:
The English teachers know how to parse a compound sentence, and the history teachers make use of maps and dates.
Unlike the lay text, the law text employs compound sentences (3%--Figure 3) and compound-complex sentences (9%--Figure 4), A compound sentence contains two or more main clauses; if at least one of those clauses contains a subordinate (dependent) clause, we call the hybrid compound-complex.
Two compound sentences, four fabulously active verbs--beard, pierce, drape, cover--followed by a simile that adds to the reader's understanding without drawing attention to the writer.
The third section is focused on enhancing the fundamentals through verb and noun phrases, simple, complex, and compound sentences, and a variety of other means.