compound leaf

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a leaf composed of a number of leaflets on a common stalk

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Lardizabalaceae; Sugiyama & Hara, 1988; Ranunculaceae; Pabon-Mora, 2012) clearly show that each compound leaf initiates from a single primordium, and that an early incepted terminal leaflet is always present, which clearly contradicts Ahrend's (1961) statement that a short shoot of Berberis is equivalent to a compound leaf.
It has a pinnately compound leaf with two pairs of leaflets.
Identify the shapes, margins, and compound leaf arrangements.
Unifoliate mutants are characterized by a transformation of the typical compound leaf into a simple leaf.
It belongs to the group of wood sorrels and is not a true clover, but its compound leaf is normally composed of four leaflets.
A palmately compound leaf has each leaflet attached to a common point, and the leaflets appear in a whorled pattern (Buckeye).
The result is the intricate branching structure of a compound leaf.
The smaller blades that make up a compound leaf are called leaflets.
Magnolia has several unusual varieties as well, but it has a simple leaf and ash has a compound leaf.
Compound leaf A leaf composed of two or more leaflets attached to a rachis.