compound fracture

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bone fracture associated with lacerated soft tissue or an open wound

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Her dad John had to take the youngster to hospital himself in his car Picture by DOUG MOODY ACCIDENT: Paige Gillan is recovering at home after suffering a compound fracture at the Albert Park skating rink Pictures by DOUG MOODY and IAN McINTYRE
Stroumbakis had to miss work for 5 months as he recovered from the compound fracture.
But the coach confirmed that the Tigers hero had sustained a compound fracture of the tibia which will probably rule him out of the new season.
The result of Taylor's bone-crushing blow was a compound fracture to Theismann's lower leg, an injury which ended his professional football career.
unless we are in a serious accident where he gets hit on the head or has a compound fracture and bleeds, and I get his infected blood into the cuts on my hands, or whatever.
This usually occurs with an open wound or compound fracture, often involving lawnmowers, farm machinery, snowmobiles, or gunshot wounds.
The animal tossed him off and kicked him resulting in a Fib/Tib compound fracture which spun his foot around to his knee backwards.
The rider has a compound fracture of his right humerus, the bone in the upper arm, after parting company with Abbyssial in the JCB Triumph Hurdle.
THE Turf Club's Chief Medical Officer Adrian McGoldrick has described the injuries sustained by Bryan Cooper on Wednesday, a compound fracture with multiple fragments, as "the worst fracture I have ever seen.
28 on Chester Road, Castle Vale, Birmingham, when she suffered a compound fracture to her right leg as the vehicle collided with a 10 tonne Inter-City Transport lorry in March 1968.
However, he suffered a compound fracture of his left tibia and fibula during an Under-20s game in February 2012 which ruled him out of the rest of the campaign.
ON August 15 I fell and suffered a compound fracture to my right ankle.
Winger Charnley sustained a compound fracture in his finger in the opening moments of yesterday's 28-18 win over Leeds, while prop forward Mossop suffered a dislocated shoulder shortly after entering the action as a substitute.
ADAM WEDGE, who suffered a compound fracture of his lower right leg at Fakenham on Monday when kicked by a runner down at the start, was reported by trainer Evan Williams to have undergone surgery to pin his leg yesterday, writes David Baxter.
Ramsey has not played since suffering a compound fracture of his right leg against Stoke in February.