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a mixture of decaying vegetation and manure

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convert to compost

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A good tip with fallen leaves is to use a lawnmower to collect them and this shreds them, helping with the composting process.
For those who want to start composting in their homes, the cheapest method is vermicomposting, which can be done in a small container using, yes, worms.
And our previous studies showed that manure composting would quickly reach the sanitary standard and the quality of the composting products would be improved with the addition of CaC[N.
International Compost Awareness A Week, which runs to Sunday, May 11, aims to show people how simple home composting is and demonstrate the great results that can be achieved by turning your organic waste into nutrient-rich homemade compost.
It has teamed up with Get Composting to offer residents savings on compost bins.
The idea for the composting programs, which the Eugene School District also will help fund, stems from a citywide effort to reduce the significant waste generated by public schools.
Autumn is an excellent time to start composting because there is plenty of garden waste available.
Autumn is the perfect time for gardeners to start composting green waste
Food waste which you can't compost at home - such as cooked vegetables and meat - can still be disposed of sustainably by throwing them away in your food waste caddy so the council can collect it for large-scale composting or anaerobic digestion treatment.
Many municipalities have adopted composting MSW as a means of transforming organic waste materials, to creating a soil amendment that is suitable for agricultural purposes (Wolkowski 2003).
The winning design will scoop a great green prize and the poster will be displayed on the Garden Organic, Community Composting Network and Recycle Now websites.
Composting is a matter of people attempting to make humus more quickly, using whatever materials they have available.
Environmental group BAN Waste ran the competition at an event at the Ouseburn Farm funded by the Community Compost Network which hoped to get people composting.