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a mixture of decaying vegetation and manure

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convert to compost

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The Dual Tumbling Composter enables the ability to keep adding material to the compost, whilst continuing to make compost in the second chamber.
The liquid food composter is installed in the hotel wet garbage room and has a capacity of 270 kg of daily food waste input, which accelerates the digestion of most food products and bio-plastics within 24 hours.
85 FREE TC02 - Eckman Tumbler Composter (RRP pounds 149.
The Rocket[R] composter is a safe solution and a sustainable and hygienic alternative to sending food waste to Suffolk landfills.
Waste will start being added to the composter this week, along with wood chippings donated by Kirklees tree surgeon Paul Buxton.
It was entirely a student-driven process to research and acquire the rocket composter.
Apparently shredded paper is especially good in the spring/summer since most composters don't have yard debris and leaves yet.
After my experience I would consider this type of toilet as more of a dehydrator than a composter.
This week is recycle week -the perfect time to get your own composter for all your food and garden waste.
The Rotary Composter and the Rain Barrel are made of American or French oak and bring a rustic decor to any backyard.
The first came when Mrs F plucked up the courage to peek inside the composter we erected in the back garden last summer.
The Smith & Hawken Biostack Composter ($129; smithandhawken.
Although grass is still growing and should be mown (when dry) raise the cut to 5cm or so - the clippings go straight into the composter.
Lifelong organic farmer Malcolm Beck presents Lessons in Nature: 50 Years of Organic Advice from the Southwest's Foremost Composter, Gardener, Farmer, now in a new and expanded edition.
If you're an avid composter, there's nothing like this on the market.