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a heap of manure and vegetation and other organic residues that are decaying to become compost

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Green waste crushing and screening (lot 1); Reacting compost heaps and mixing Horticultural earths and soil mixtures (Lot 2); Screening of compost and bark mulch; Treatment of central grain and marketing of compost (item 3);
For the last five to six years, I have gained permission from the council to "raid" their mountainous compost heaps in Stewart Park where I collected sackfuls of bulbs and most of these are now planted in gardens across this ward.
Leaves are best collected regularly and added to your compost heap.
Compost is vital for feeding the soil and improving its texture, and anyone can make it because the raw material of the compost heap is all the vegetable waste from the kitchen and the garden.
Alternatively, you can make a compost heap by erecting a wire-mesh cage with four corner posts, lined with cardboard or straw.
Under the guidance of teacher Adrian Griffiths, the pupils make sure all their fruit leftovers, such as apple and pear cores, banana skins and orange peel, are all placed in a special bin, which in turn goes on to the compost heap.
Moisture is great for compost heaps, and if you haven't already harvested your compost, this might be a good time to dig the good stuff out.
They have been seeking shelter elsewhere and rummaging around for food in compost heaps and gardens.
Hakk said his group plans to investigate such hormone-breakdown residues in new compost heaps containing manure from cattle and swine.
Heimlich suggests the following "recipe" for constructing compost heaps that work the fastest:
Just when it seemed biodegradable polymers would fade from view, never getting their chance to dissolve in our compost heaps, they've sprung up again.
His guiding tenet: Like nature, industrial design should be self-renewing; every product should not only be manufactured using nontoxic ingredients and green energy sources but also be capable of being broken down into its basic biological and technical elements so it can be reborn and reused at the end of its life span, whether in factories or compost heaps.
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