compost heap

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a heap of manure and vegetation and other organic residues that are decaying to become compost

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If your garden is big enough, make a compost heap out of sight, like this one
Grass clippings are another ingredient that help and gardeners with lawns have too much for their compost heaps.
Heat is a byproduct of the composting process--a well-made compost heap becomes amazingly hot.
Rosemary Hooper, Wimpole estate's in-house 'master composter', encouraged anyone to urinate on their compost heap.
Certain items are not to be included in the compost heap.
And when this visual, which contained so much more than words could express, finally began to make some sense to the girls, they made off with a visible and tangible piece of that world, which had the effect of proclaiming the faith that this man possessed as a boy, to the point where he had decided to return to the Church that very hour--a chain of events that a compost heap probably would not have initiated.
Like a compost heap, a lasagna garden can have problems and not cook properly.
His legacy turns out to be less that of an inventor and more that of an organic gardener, mixing his compost heap in carefully measured proportions so as to provide the best conditions for growth.
Additionally, I try to make my sailboat a statement for ecology (wind and solar for electrical generation, solar hot water, and composting [added to my home compost heap whenever I return to port] for now, with more coming), and to be able to cook vegan on board just makes the picture more complete.
You compost vegetation and this sort of thing, and you make a compost heap out of organic material only.
Working at a business school keeps me in circulation, up-to-date, in touch with young people from all over the world - and probably keeps me from being thrown on the compost heap for a while longer.
It is not a corpse but a compost heap, or a quake-prone field.
Every compost heap is different owners of tiny spaces could perhaps consider a worm garden and the amount of time taken to work its wonder varies.
DIVIDING RULES: I'm raiding our compost heap for the last of the rich, black stuff to plant out some of the pulmonarias that I have been dividing.