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one who sets written material into type

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He said: "Sixty years ago I was an apprentice compositor with Netherwood, Dalton &Sons, printers of a wide range of products, but predominantly booKs.
The collection's title, From Compositors to Collectors: Essays on Book-Trade History, is apt, with the introduction stating that the essays "are brought together to shed light on the book trade's impact on three main aspects of textuality: creation, circulation, and reception .
A study for the union showed that the fall was at least 25 per cent in 11 occupations including compositors, financial technicians, dancers and choreographers and driving instructors.
We were six or seven compositors, each with our own two double-frame cubby where everything was hand set and made up to whatever job we were doing.
The thenWestern Mail and Echo firm urgently wanted "first-class compositors, machine minders", with "permanent positions for men released from Government Service".
Speaking to the AA after receiving the prize, Eryilmaz said he was very happy to earn such an important prize, noting that growing up in Turkish culture was a privilege for young compositors.
It shows both the day-to-day running of the paper, from reporters phoning stories to typewriter-bashing copytakers to skilled compositors creating the pre-computer printing plates.
Around the turn of the century, compositors who set up the print, arrived for work in bowler hats and chewed tobacco or camomile at their linotype machines because smoking was forbidden.
The second concerns the variants between his edition and the Yale version whilst the third gives a list of compositors.
Beyond detailing this remarkable find, Proudfoot makes a compelling argument about editorial modernization, based on his analysis of the "modernization" performed by Jacobean compositors of Mucedorus.
Though they may not have known it, longtime readers of the Naval War College Review were for many years often reading, in a sense, the work of Diane Cote, who for twenty-six years, 1975 to 2001, was one of the leading compositors in the College's Publications Branch (which in that period set the journal and other Press publications in type and is now subsumed in the Navy Warfare Development Command).
Then it would go to the compositors, who would re-type the whole thing from scratch on a wonderful machine which had kettles of molten lead and steam coming out of its joints.
In the early days of the printing press in Europe, compositors and printers worked as a team, because each worker needed the skills to do whatever was most urgent, switching from one task to another.
In Stability, Honigmann gave grounds for thinking that Q was set by three compositors (one for 1.
Dream Quest is looking for character animators, 3-D artists, 2-D compositors, software programmers, a senior systems administrator, data management technician and a technical assistant.