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one who sets written material into type

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The art of the compositor has long disappeared from newspapers.
LEUSDEN, The Netherlands, August 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Compositor B.
Geoff Fielding served with the Birmingham Post & Mail and its associated businesses for about 33 years, first as a compositor printer but latterly as a page editor in the Mail's editorial team.
He founded the Boars Head Press, I was a compositor, and he also ran the garden section.
a senior compositor at Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic, are joined by visual effects experts from ILM and other companies to explain how to create visual effects using Shake, Motion, and Adobe After Effects.
It was a timely win for the long-serving compositor at the Falkirk Herald, as he and his wife travel to Tenerife next week to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary.
Until his big win, which was a world record dividend for the type of pool, he was a printer's compositor.
Introduced 18 months ago, the IKV's software, called Compositor, is based on Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program.
The seasons themselves are set up with proper colours - orange and grey for autumn; blues and browns for summer; whites and reds for winter; and yellow and black and white for spring - while the illustrations are by Driessen, and they were organized through a computer compositor by an assistant.
A few Q omissions seem accidental, due to eyeskip by a compositor or scribe.
Tenders are invited for Provision Of Bio-Mechanical Compositor Capacity 200 Kg And Connected Works Services At Hq Sac Iaf Trivandrum
Then in 1951 he got a job with the Western Mail, working on nights, for 14 years as a compositor.
He worked as a compositor for the Worcester Telegram & Gazette for over 30 years before retiring.
They had met at a dance at Cambridge Road baths when Mr Wallace, now 86, was working as a compositor for the Examiner.