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Synonyms for composition

Synonyms for composition

something that is the result of creative effort

a relatively brief discourse written especially as an exercise

a settlement of differences through mutual concession

Synonyms for composition

the spatial property resulting from the arrangement of parts in relation to each other and to the whole


a mixture of ingredients

art and technique of printing with movable type

an essay (especially one written as an assignment)

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something that is created by arranging several things to form a unified whole

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Another area of importance was the preparation of standard reference materials certified for composition and homogeneity on a microscopic level and for particulate material (13).
Stone's compositions were used in commercials using Warner Bros.
Prior to spectrometers, foundry metallurgists used a welder's arc and a spectroscope to estimate chemical composition with the human eye.
The team found that in their precise measurements, composition caused no difference in acceleration.
Besides, traders opting for composition scheme would now have to pay the tax at 1 percent on their turnover of taxable supplies.
Kao was also awarded patent (US Patent 9,554,972 B2) protection for a leave-in hair conditioning composition in microemulsion form.
liquidation or reorganization), why is composition rarely used in practice and less discussed in academia?
The three main areas of inquiry for honors composition during the past decade have been programmatic issues, pedagogical approaches, and student performance I focus on programmatic issues, advocating for the vital role that honors composition plays within honors programs and colleges by aiding students with the transition from high school writing to college-level research, which in turn increases program retention rates, particularly with the expanding CUR-based emphasis on honors theses and capstone projects.
9 - Spare parts for the vehicle brand HONKER 2000 - Composition Stezyca
The book is organized in a straight-forward, logical sequence, beginning with "laying the groundwork" for teaching composition to discussing "compositional tools," "mapping a composition" and finishing with a step-by-step discussion of the weekly composition lesson plan and refining of the composition.
In my composition classroom, a reflective strand of writing assignments has helped students understand the role of writing in their other courses as well as in their daily lives.
Because the concentration measurements indicated that this contamination was not naturally derived, we analyzed other materials for lead concentrations and lead isotopic composition to determine possible sources of the increase in lead in cocoa products.
A first composition is disposed in the first well and contains urea in powdered form.
Animation, filmmaking, music composition, digital imaging and audio broadcasting are within reach of everybody.