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strong lightweight material developed in the laboratory

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At the beginning of the technological process of composite material manufacturing, the diagnostic lines are implanted into the material.
Patented is a molded product of fiber reinforced composite material plate including holding parts defining a triangular area on a surface of the fiber reinforced composite material plate.
strain field applied upon the composite material is relatively small in order to maintain the linear relationship of stress-strain dependence.
In tests, a patch of the composite material stopped a mustard gas--like chemical even better than plain butyl rubber did.
MHI has a long history of research and development in the area of composite materials and boasts a solid record in supplying various components, including those used in long-haul business jets, Japan Self Defense Force aircraft and rockets.
Diaphorm can use long-fiber or continuous-fiber composite materials such as GE's Azdel, Vetrotex Saint-Gobain's Twintex, Hexcel's Towflex, or many others based on polypropylene, nylon, or polycarbonate.
The advent of a castable aluminum/ceramic composite material represents a revolutionary development in MMC technology for two specific reasons:
This 2012 Market Research Report on China Carbon Carbon Composite Material Industry is a professional and in-depth research report on the China Carbon Carbon Composite Material (use in industrial high temperature furnace) industry.
The report, namely Global Medical Composite Material Market 2015-2019, is based on an in-depth market analysis, with inputs from industry experts.
These advanced fabric reinforced thermoplastic composite materials are already used for many structural and semi-structural exterior as well as interior applications in aircraft.
Patented is a composite material for a heat dissipating substrate on which an electronic component is mounted.
Parallel with the integration of composite material application in the construction of the aircraft of today, their greater application appears also in the construction of aircraft engines.
Researchers have developed a composite material that has the ability to repair small cracks within itself.
Foundry Practice for the First Castable Aluminum/Ceramic Composite Material
The first A350XWB elevator has bee delivered by the Harbin Hafei Airbus Composite Material Manufacturing Center.
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