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A delivery of composite cement limited to the screw head seems efficient and limits complications due to exothermic reaction and cement interposition at the fracture site.
A new packaging line will be installed to pack the various composite cement types in the conventional 50kg pockets but also to enable bulk supply.
The European EN 197-1 Specifications for Composite Cements II-18
Another 25 papers consider such topics as geopolymer binders in composite cements and ceramic-like materials, the role of alkaline cations in geomaterial foams, new geopolymers based on electric arc furnace slag, bond strengths in geopolymer and cement concretes, and recycling industrial wastewater by immobilizing it in geopolymer cement.
This is a cement of high quality which competes with ordinary Portland cement and other composite cements.
Roman Numerals ('I, II, III, IV, and V'): - 'I' indicates pure cement with no extenders - 'II, III, IV, and V' indicates composite cements -- 'A, B, C' indicates the proportion of extenders used, and is different for various classes.