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Synonyms for compose

Synonyms for compose

to be the constituent parts of

to create by combining parts or elements

to form by artistic effort

to bring one's emotions under control

Synonyms for compose

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The user simply records himself or herself singing or whistling a tune for two musical bars, and the app automatically composes an entire piece of music based on that melody.
Then the user selects from the app's five different music genres and three types of melodic settings, and finally presses the Auto Compose button to create an original piece of music complete with an intro and ending.
Djupstrom currently teaches at the Settlement Music School in Philadelphia and actively composes and performs with the Phoenix Trio, a Boston-based piano trio.
What inspired you to compose the MTNA award-winning "Walimai"?
He pauses our Tivo and composes a little song for a scene and then he'll play it back with his own music,'' Aune said.
He hopes to one day compose for film and television.
Andrew Asch composes music for family and staff members using the computer in his room at Beth Abraham Health Services, a Bronx, N.
crossvision Application Composer -- rapidly composes new business applications out of existing services based on models rather than code.
crossvision Service Orchestrator -- composes and orchestrates high-value business services.
Photo: Composer David Vanacore relaxes in his music studio at his Valencia home where he composes music for the hit television show Survivor.
Post hired Vanacore and tutored him in the unique genre of composing for the small screen, and earlier this year Vanacore was selected to compose for ``Survivor,'' CBS's new reality show.
The 19 year-old Miami native, who signed with Sony Discos at the age of 15 and not only composes and writes her own songs in English and in Spanish, but also possesses a 5 octave-vocal range, joins the ranks of Beyonce, Stevie Wonder and Alicia Keyes as one of the nation's leading songwriters and composers.