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Synonyms for composedly

in a self-collected or self-possessed manner


References in classic literature ?
And I lie so composedly, Now in my bed,(Knowing her love) That you fancy me dead -- And I rest so contentedly, Now in my bed,(With her love at my breast) That you fancy me dead -- That you shudder to look at me, Thinking me dead: --
Elizabeth felt all the impertinence of her questions but answered them very composedly.
Our ponies composedly help themselves to such grass as they can find on the moor; keeping always near us as companionably as if they were a couple of dogs.
Acted' is the right word," he said, just as composedly as before.
George, shaking his head and still composedly smoking.
Not with the smouldering, smothering, choking hysteria that still worked in the fox-terriers did he listen, nor with quivering of muscles and jumps of over-wrought nerves, but coolly, composedly, as if no battle royal had just taken place and no rips of teeth and kicks of feet still burned and ached his body.
I had long since learnt to understand, composedly and as a matter of course, that my situation in life was considered a guarantee against any of my female pupils feeling more than the most ordinary interest in me, and that I was admitted among beautiful and captivating women much as a harmless domestic animal is admitted among them.
and stole the bracelet from upon the king's highway,' said Mr Chester, composedly.
That's not going to be done, Wegg,' replied Mr Boffin, sitting composedly on the library-table, at one end, while the Secretary sat composedly on it at the other.
He was quiet and attentive; watched the opening proceedings with a grave interest; and stood with his hands resting on the slab of wood before him, so composedly, that they had not displaced a leaf of the herbs with which it was strewn.
You silly boy," said Estella, quite composedly, "how can you talk such nonsense?
My friend," said Hans, composedly stretching himself to slumber, "it was not nice even to mineself dot I should lif after I had seen dot room wit der hole in der thatch.
Lady Russell had only to listen composedly, and wish them happy, but internally her heart revelled in angry pleasure, in pleased contempt, that the man who at twenty-three had seemed to understand somewhat of the value of an Anne Elliot, should, eight years afterwards, be charmed by a Louisa Musgrove.
If it had any bones, I ate them," replied the kitten, composedly, as it washed its face after the meal.
Ajman began well as Adeilson needed just seven minutes to open the scoring after he latched on to a long pass, outmuscling his marker before tricking the goalkeeper with a feint shot and finishing composedly from close range.