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Synonyms for composed

Synonyms for composed

Antonyms for composed

serenely self-possessed and free from agitation especially in times of stress

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Of course there were those who were opposed to any such recognition of the rights of the Negro, but the Board of Directors, composed of men who represented the best and most progressive element in the South, had their way, and voted to invite a black man to speak on the opening day.
I was asked now to speak to an audience composed of the wealth and culture of the white South, the representatives of my former masters.
For, they say, after Homer had composed the "Margites", he went about from city to city as a minstrel, and coming to Delphi, inquired who he was and of what country?
After this he composed the "Odyssey" in twelve thousand verses, having previously written the "Iliad" in fifteen thousand five hundred verses (5).
Hereupon Homer remembered the oracle and, perceiving that the end of his life had come composed his own epitaph.
but without clouds: riddles which can be guessed: to please such maidens I then composed an after-dinner psalm.
That is to say, a "conscious experience" is characterized on the one hand by relation to its object and on the other hand by being composed of a certain peculiar stuff, the stuff of "consciousness.
3) Can we observe anything which differs in its intrinsic nature from the constituents of the physical world, or is everything that we can observe composed of elements intrinsically similar to the constituents of what is called matter?
The third question I should answer adversely to introspection I think that observation shows us nothing that is not composed of sensations and images, and that images differ from sensations in their causal laws, not intrinsically.
The difference between mind and matter is increased partly by emphasizing these supposed introspective data, partly by the supposition that matter is composed of atoms or electrons or whatever units physics may at the moment prefer.
With a slight inclination of her head she passed, hearing behind her Stepan Arkadyevitch's loud voice calling him to come up, and the quiet, soft, and composed voice of Vronsky refusing.
Milli song 'Teray Deeyay Roshan Rahen', written by Tariq Hashmi, has been sung by Humera Channa with music composed by Nawazish Hazarvi.
Milli song 'Roshan Rahen Teray Deeyae', written by Tariq Hashmi, has been sung by Humera Channa with music composed by Nawazish Hazarvi.
She follows in the footsteps of other pop stars who have written for the stage including Goldfrapp, who composed the score for Medea at the National Theatre, and Damon Albarn, who has co-written a stage musical based on Alice In Wonderland.
Music can be composed even without the ability to write music or play an instrument