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Synonyms for composed

Synonyms for composed

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serenely self-possessed and free from agitation especially in times of stress

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Ang Panday' (from the movie Ang Panday) - composed and arranged by Gloc 9, interpreted by Gloc 9 and Ebe Dancel
Milli song 'Teray Deeyay Roshan Rahen', written by Tariq Hashmi, has been sung by Humera Channa with music composed by Nawazish Hazarvi.
Milli song 'Roshan Rahen Teray Deeyae', written by Tariq Hashmi, has been sung by Humera Channa with music composed by Nawazish Hazarvi.
None of the participating composers had training in educational music, although all of them had previously composed for students and/or amateurs (Andrews, 2013; Andrews & Giesbrecht, 2013).
Total quantity or scope: lot 1 is composed of an ultra-high vacuum chamber, a lock, an electron gun, a quartz, a mass spectrometer, four reactant gas introducing systems, components such that a transfer tube, a valve, a gauge of the vacuum, windows with cache and a pumping system (2 turbo pumps, ion pump 1 1 Ti sublimation pump, two primary pumps).
The concert begain with Aramaic music composed by Adnan Fathallah, followed by Qanun solo pieces composed by Joan Qarhujli and performed by Dima Mawazini.
Anu Malik composed the music and Javed Akhtar wrote the lyrics.
Ten years later Brahms composed Vier ernste Gesange, to which this song bears some relation.
The song is written by Ahmad Alwi, composed by Hisham Al Sakran and
The two greatest are undoubtedly Bach's Goldberg Variations and those Beethoven composed to an 1819 commission from the publisher Anton Diabelli, who had the shrewd idea of inviting various fashionable composers, including Schubert and the eightyear-old Liszt, each to compose a variation on a tawdry little waltz tune he himself had composed.
This set of 12 etudes for piano, composed by pianist/composer MarcAndre Hamelin, serves as a 20th/21st century equivalent to the virtuoso etudes composed by the great romantic pianists.
According to the Constitution, the new Government must be composed on 10 August at the latest.
20 (ANI): A group of artists in Jharkhand have composed and dedicated their music album to the Indian cricket team in order to boost their confidence to lift the ICC World Cup.
I have already composed some tracks and he has said that he loved them.
2 : to be the parts or materials of <This cloth is composed of silk and wool.