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Synonyms for compose

Synonyms for compose

to be the constituent parts of

to create by combining parts or elements

to form by artistic effort

to bring one's emotions under control

Synonyms for compose

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In addition to providing 24x7 monitoring and management by DBaaS DevOps experts, Compose features:
Typically, applications/systems that are included on the PPL/SSIL should not present unknown interoperability issues when installed in the COMPOSE environment that they were tested against.
At the same time, a SAN attached server could be responding to data base queries from clients and quickly retrieving the relevant data blocks that compose records from SAN-attached storage.
We realize that the needs of developers are constantly evolving", said Kurt Mackey, CEO of Compose.
In the second, addressed to Jean de Pardeillan ("Panjas"), secretary to cardinal Georges d'Armagnac, Du Bellay enumerates his administrative responsibilities, which he ironically calls "pastimes" ("passetemps") and then concludes, "Don't you wonder how I manage to compose verse?
Compose helps developers combine multiple open source tools to solve unique data problems in production applications.
compose, explore and manipulate in-depth scores; and
Over the past 12 years, Pointlogic has built, optimized and sold Compose to top media agencies, creative agencies, and advertisers in response to requests for a more insightful, responsive approach to media planning.
The Orff method is a great introduction to music, especially for creative young people who may go on to compose.
He hopes to one day compose for film and television.
0 of Bitstream Panorama(TM), a worldwide text composition engine that enables developers to compose and render text in any international language, including such complex scripts as Arabic, Hebrew, Indic, and Thai.
But in order to compose an accurate picture of potential insider threats, we are now forced to manually link information from multiple insider data sources and documents like foreign travel reporting databases and debriefings, employee security background information, network logs, and cyber activity logs.
I compose every day and work on several pieces simultaneously.
Infodata (OTC Bulletin Board: INFD), a leading solutions engineering and content management company, today announced the release of Compose 4.