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Synonyms for compose

Synonyms for compose

to be the constituent parts of

to create by combining parts or elements

to form by artistic effort

to bring one's emotions under control

Synonyms for compose

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Compose currently supports five popular open source databases including MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL and RethinkDB.
All the participants confirmed that throughout their involvement in New Sounds of Learning: Composing for Young Musicians, they had to learn how to compose educational music "on the fly" throughout the duration of this project.
There are new builds planned for fiscal years 2007 and 2008, including COMPOSE 2.
the current features of and interrelations among the atoms that now compose me).
Google had rolled out the new compose window in October last year and made it the default way in March this year.
And I'd like to compose again for the orchestra; it provides such a varied and limitless palette of sounds that I think it would be hard to ever grow tired of it.
If a customer needs raw speed, as in postproduction video editing applications, retrieving data blocks directly from disk will always be much faster than making a file request to a NAS device (which must then go get the blocks that compose the file).
7 inch widescreen LCD (112,000 pixels) allows users to easily compose shots that can be shown on a widescreen TV.
The recent update brought in ability to compose a new mail with a new pop-up method, improved search engine and deeper integration with Google+ social networking site.
Zart Dombourian-Eby, a highly regarded piccoloist and flutist, definitely made a wise decision when she commissioned Gary Schocker to compose Sonata: For Piccolo and Piano.
One thing that hasn't changed much over the years is the way you compose mail.
It is not, according to Du Bellay, his residence in the city of the Romans which has inspired him to compose in Latin, but strangely enough, the sadness occasioned by his "cruel destiny" and long "servitude.
New Music Software Improves Skills and Increases Confidence by Making it Easy to Compose, Rehearse, Perform
Listening to him practice piano, watching him compose, seeing his passion for music and being around as he collaborated and performed with other musicians were a great inspiration.