compos mentis

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Synonyms for compos mentis

mentally healthy

Synonyms for compos mentis

of sound mind, memory, and understanding

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In the tradition of the Leiden school of fine painting, Bruijn's expert brush meticulously fills a detailed and multifaceted canvas of the rich and variegated lives of eighteenth-century Company schippers, from capable "humane heads of ships" to brutal and drunken commanders non compos mentis, both on land and at sea (264-274).
Only his experience saved him, as he was compos mentis enough to turn away, drop his nose and apply power instead of trying to climb out, almost certainly into a stall.
Point by point and term by term, he patiently tests whether general statements of principle found in tracts such as Henry Swinburne's A Brief Treatise of Teastaments and Last Wills (1590) and John Brydall's Non Compos Mentis (1700) were applied and honored in practice.
And, in a scenario that mirrors Houston's purported break with Crawford, my lover relegated our romance to the realm of non compos mentis (not being of sound mind).
The demands made by non compos mentis and muzzy general therefore are irrational; there is no way the SPLM leadership could waste time talking his terms.
Bentwood who lives in the desert (which Gaitis illustrates with Mahleresque descriptions of the flora fauna and monsoons) is like Chance the Gardener pretty much non compos mentis.
I believe he wasn't diagnosed until June, and I saw him only on Sunday, when he knew he was dying but was totally compos mentis and was reflecting upon what had been a pretty good life.
In combination they had a synergistic effect and rendered me non compos mentis.
group dynamics with his new piece, "Non Compos Mentis.
In addition, Lederer has also patiently sifted the minutes of Bavaria's Aulic Council (Hofrat), which investigated over three hundred suicides between 1611 and 1670 trying to determine whether these "self-murderers" were compos mentis (Lederer has already published five articles in German and one in English about suicide in Bavaria [340]).
I know even if she did not want to talk to us, if she were fully compos mentis I know we would have had a postcard to say she was all right and just angry with my dad.
There I was, shufflin' down an aisle suffering a mild case of compos mentis Alpo[TM], a condition in which your brain assumes the consistency of a popular brand of canned dog food, when BANG
The Circus' concludes the exhibition with the series of drawings made by Lautrec when he was interned in 1899 to prove to the doctors that he was compos mentis.