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Synonyms for comportment

the manner in which one behaves

Synonyms for comportment

dignified manner or conduct

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Jones (1995: viii) further adds that judging by these texts of comportment "femininity is natural, inescapable, and transhistorical".
I will then consider how habits of aggression and submission are formed and trained in the body, drawing on Marcel Mauss' theory of "body techniques" (Mauss, 1973; 70) as well as on Iris Marion Young's discussion on female body comportment (Young, 2005), and using these theories of learned behavior as a starting point for exploring how the body is capable of both learning new habits and challenging old ones.
There's a session on comportment and grooming and even a writing exercise focusing on welcome and thank you notes.
For this reason Robinson and others generated an explicit set of rules for monitoring outer comportment A person's dress, manners, diet, sexuality, and outward piety all indicated the degree of commitment to a hierarchically stratified society and were therefore principal arenas for the contestation of cultural power.
Even though each team wore sweats, Ohio State wore them sharply and with a degree of comportment that Oregon players didn't have.
What is essential about Gaveston's presentation of himself is the Italianate nature of his clothing and comportment (79), a concern that existed more potently in Elizabeth Tudor's court than in Edward Plantagenet's.
Legendary for his stellar athleticism, artistry, and his blindingly unique social comportment, the likes of Danny AKA Prince AKA Sunshine AKA Captain Makaha-Hobie-Super Surfer will never walk this earth again.
The ease with which working girls seemed to negotiate new boundaries of sexual propriety in their dress, comportment, and behaviour was "baffling" to middle-class observers, McMaster argues, (with echoes of Dick Hebdige, 102) At least some social commentary and observation was apparently based in an envy of working girls' freedom and rebelliousness, and the contradictory desire to both mimic and scorn their persona.
Rosalind Edwards focuses on sibling relationships outside the home and finds that older siblings facilitate the engagement of younger siblings in their physical and social communities beyond the home, but that older children have varying views about this; some feel a sense of importance and status, others a sense of burden, and maybe even, depending upon the comportment of the younger sib, a sense of embarrassment.
Even his impeccable comportment was missing in the tense third set, when Federer complained about the length of time del Potro was taking in deciding to challenge line calls and then cussed chair umpire Jake Garner after he tried to quiet him.
Moreover, anyone who has lived in a Muslim society can attest to the presence of holy men and women whose comportment fairly exudes such proximity to God, so one can truly say that the world is replete with friends of God, though their number is dwarfed by the omnipresent "believers" who are content to pay lip service to the God who reveals God's Word in the Qur'an, and God's inestimable face in these friends.
At Torre's request, the two had lengthy telephone conversations every couple of weeks this winter, with the primary objective to address concerns Torre had about Martin's general comportment during what Martin felt was a lackluster season last year, despite being named to his second consecutive National League All-Star team.
In her discussion of conversation, Horodowich leans on three works: the Courtier (1528) by Baldassare Castiglione (1478-1529), the Galateo (1558) by Giovanni della Casa (1503-56), and the Civile Conversazione (1574) by Stefano Guazzo (1530-93), to argue that comportment manuals presented a confusedly mixed message: conversation was both necessary and salutary, yet also presented potential dangers.
But feline resentment aside, my 16 years of exemplary comportment stood for nothing.
The book was first published in France in 2002 by Hermes Science/Lavoisier as Modeles de comportment des sols et des roches, vols.