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Synonyms for comportment

the manner in which one behaves

Synonyms for comportment

dignified manner or conduct

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Ultimately, normality results in "objectivity in the strict sense," "the real world, objective nature, relative to 'anybody'," which is experienced, first and fundamentally, in bodily comportment.
The policing applies the wisdom that when signs of disorder, such as broken windows, proliferate and persist, there is a general diminution of restraint and good comportment.
When we cried foul play recently over a DNA report as to our origins (less Greek and more Persian/Hungarian in our blood than we were prepared to accept) our manner of dress and general comportment was not taken into account.
The art of sukhf is variously understood as "gross language and comportment upsetting to the squeamish," "foolishness, obscene or nonsensical" and an "incessant breaching and violation of boundaries of all sorts.
We do tend to observe proper comportment and behavior," Valte said.
Benner (2008), commenting upon the formation of ethical comportment in students, asserts that "patient advocacy is alive and well in the everyday aspirations of student nurses" (p.
Such bemused meta-commentary on the inevitable historicization of that era has its cake and eats it too, recovering a figure whose significance is diffused among art, film, and a more general "scene" in which one's very comportment and longings--even those of a dandy out of time--mattered.
I will discuss professional comportment and my understanding of this along with a description of the differences between therapeutic and social relationships.
While sentimental novels (Samuel Richardson's Pamela or Virtue Rewarded) fictionalized paragons of virtue and showed the consequences of misbehaviour, non-fictional conduct texts offered more practical advice on manners, every day practices and rules of polite comportment.
Questions of religion, nation, and the regulation of women's comportment figure prominently in Marilyn Booth's article, "Islamic Politics, Street Literature, and John Stuart Mill: Composing Gendered Ideals in 1990s Egypt.
Love and determination, money and freedom transform into insufficient answers; happiness requires more than a comportment of our minds or the pursuit of a new dream.
However, Mercedes counterpart Ross Brawn insists there was nothing underhand in his team's comportment.
Native American Drinking: Life Styles, Alcohol Use, Drunken Comportment, and the Peyote Religion is a scholarly assessment of the alcohol use and abuse among Native Americans, from both a medical and an anthropological perspective.
al-Asd's comportment and actions proved me and his other doubters wrong.
Via discursive banter and bodily gesture, the comportment of this Black woman was construed as "aggressive," allowing for a valuation of her person as undeserving; even the Puerto Rican anthropologist was considered suspect by fellow Latinas in the beauty salon.