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last of the seven canonical hours just before retiring


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He also developed a 10-minute compline with youth in mind.
In the evenings, community members met "for Compline and Rosary in one another's houses" (qtd in Elphick 10).
Finally Compline is the last prayer of the day and closes the liturgical office.
When I was an undergrad, there were about 10 of us who would sometimes call each other on a Friday or Saturday night and arrange to meet at Saint Thomas More, the Catholic chapel at Yale, to sing compline, or night prayer.
just in time for Compline, said Surat, who stayed the weekend at the Abby guesthouse.
These included Compline and Meditation, the Stations of the Cross and on Maundy Thursday a commemorative meal such as Jesus shared with his disciples was enjoyed by members of the church and the Methodist Church.
Keil was not at the burial, but she did get a ticket to the "Service of Compline for the Reception of the Remains of King Richard III'' on March 22.
Maltman finds this an allusion to a liturgical Compline hymn sung during Lent.
Each version of the Sisters' constitutions specifies the readings for chapter, meals, compline, and the liturgical hours.
Lauds, Prime, Matins, Primet, Tercet, Sext, Terce, Sext, None, Vespers, Vespers Compline 15929 Paris?
I've just returned from the last service of the night, Compline.
Includes time for daily private meditation and prayer, vespers, and compline.
Also in the programme will be an organ recital from Alan McGuiness, a performance from Pascal Roge and a Compline Service.
Dorsky was represented by three recent films, Compline (2010), Aubade (2010), and The Return (2011).