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guilt as an accomplice in a crime or offense

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The convicts were found guilty for complicity and responsibility in an armed attack on a police station, helping prisoners to flee, arms' robbery, in addition to killing five persons and intending to murder 70 others during events that followed dispersing Rabaa Al-Adawiah activists of the outlawed organization.
Through its complicity, AT&T allowed the NSA to have surveillance powers over most traffic in the US as well as that over foreign-to-foreign traffic, given that large amounts of the world's internet communications travel across American cables.
Incontrovertible facts, documents and details of ' Modigate' emerging since yesterday clearly reflect active complicity of not only External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj but also point towards the BJP government aiding and abetting a fugitive of Indian law with tacit approval of Prime Minister Narendra Modi," Congress communication department chief Randeep Surjewala said.
Washington -- A spokesman of the Pakistan Embassy in Washington expressed disappointment over a recent editorial by the New York Times suggesting Pakistans government complicity in a case of bogus-degree that allegedly involved Axact, a Pakistan-based company.
Philippe Lemaitre, an official at the National Welfare Association representing police staff, is suspected as having acted as an intermediary for Petit and Prouteau and has been charged with complicity in influence peddling as well as complicity in violating the secrecy of an investigation.
TUNIS (TAP) - A committal order was issued, Friday, against a former interior ministry official for possible complicity in the killing of Mohamed Brahmi.
Summary: Monday is slated to be a pivotal day at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, where Judge David Re will hear evidence suggesting Syria's complicity in the assassination of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in 2005.
Moreover, the effects of medical complicity can aggregate to produce substantial wrongs, such as gross human right violations (e.
A soothing balm that soon discomforts, Complicity provides everyday reflections on riveting political and social issues.
We, the undersigned scholars and librarians working on the Middle East, hold that silence about the latest humanitarian catastrophe caused by Israel's new military assault on the Gaza Strip, the third and most devastating in six years, constitutes complicity," read the letter, Jerusalem Post reported.
Goodin, a world-renowned political philosopher, develop in their book nuanced definitions of complicity and similar terms, offer an original account of moral responsibility for complicity, and apply their account to two cases of complicity in some depth (to aid organizations in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo after the Rwandan genocide and to physicians' role in torture).
If maintaining a studied silence on all of Israel's persecution is complicity of one kind, funding Israel for decades to keep a terrorized people as prisoners of a psychological war is a complicity of another kind.
Complicity and Complacency in Occupied Palestine "Between the Israelis, international institutions, and the Palestinian elite there exists a web of complacency and complicity in the structures of occupation.
Summary: Charges against Gaddafi's sons and aides include murder, kidnapping, complicity in incitement to rape, plunder, sabotage.