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A generation reared in schools that ignored our history but for the week or month each year when black history is delivered, recycled and prepackaged, we know we must seek and complicate our own stories if we are to replace majority perceptions that erase the individuality instilled by fully formed and feeling minds.
The half-year age conventions complicate retirement plan operation because they require employers to track dates other than birth dates.
Where Fibre Channel, which immediately complicates the storage picture, is required, it can be isolated in the data center where it can be reached using iSCSI and IP.
Early in the next century, however, developing nations will account for the major fraction of greenhouse gas pollution--a fact that complicates the current round of negotiations.
This finding, reported in the July 1 OPTICS LETTERS, complicates attempts to explain how the fiber fuse works, and adds to concerns about the conditions under which optical fibers can be used safely.