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puzzling complexity

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If these works are highly complex and, for some, unreadable, it is not on ly because of the complicatedness of life, the subject, but also because they actually imitate its rhythm, its way of happening" (Impossible 253).
I stress all these polarities, sometimes assumed and sometimes explicitly dealt with in this book, to suggest the complicatedness of Taves's task and to indicate something of the sophistication with which she brings it off.
I mention Fuss's work because she offers a psychological explanation for the complicatedness of identity, something noted by the interviewees.
According to the Minister of Agriculture, the complicatedness of the distribution system resulted from Pusri's incompetence in handling its duties.
Despite various pressures, from the complicatedness of the cloves trading mechanism, the antismoking campaigns, the increase in cigarette duty bands, to the current economic turmoil, the cigarette industry has managed to survive and grow.
While complicatedness is an aspect of technology that needs to be addressed in design, clarifying the other senses in which technology demonstrates complexity can help encourage a more complete approach to design and a better anticipation of possible risks.
Emanating from the center ring are four triangles: complexity, complicatedness, chance, and uncertainty.
The shape and complexity of an artificial product life-cycle depends on its features, complicatedness, working life etc.