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Synonyms for complicated

Synonyms for complicated

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difficult to analyze or understand

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As Ferlinghetti and Spicer set the Giants complicatedly against Pound, for Greeley and Silliman the A's are imagined in alliance with Zukofsky as part of an attempt to distance that poet from the oppressive Poundian inheritance.
Each of these events was linked to acts of writing: three short stories--in order, "The Story of a Panic," "The Road from Colonus," and "The Rock"--and "indirectly, complicatedly," his novel The Longest Journey.
The characterful animal of the early Renaissance, complicatedly significant with "intelletto umano," becomes just a sign in these genres.
He is complicatedly contrapuntal in the Incarnatus and Sanctus, and uses the sublime melodic technique of his late piano sonatas in the Benedictus.
Likewise, Herbert name-checks Hiller's project from the Freud Museum, 1991-96, without a murmur about its barbed commentary on racist and sexist stereotyping, and by dismissing it as "pseudoanthropological" he implies that Hiller's anthropological interests are superficial and phony, rather than complicatedly and ambivalently related to her doctoral study in the field, as is actually the case.
8220;We have always been to helping our clients achieve their trading investment in a manner by which they are not forced to complicatedly deal with intricacies of the entire trading process; thus, we are in the process of completing our new simplified forex and futures trading solutions aimed at offering the simplest way of achieving success in commodity and futures trading,” added Darwin Thayer.
The perspectives result from complicatedly related cultural, political, historical, and social issues.
The author cannot directly formulate the relationship between i=I/Y and output/income Y, since Y is complicatedly formulated using hidden endogenous parameters in an endogenous Cobb-Douglas production function.
Controversial though this theory is, it at the very least allows us to consider what's complicatedly at stake for men in their own masculinity.
Equally obviously, the interpretive practices of Canada, Germany, and India are deeply enmeshed with the complicated--and complicatedly different--social and political histories from which they have arisen.
The relationship, then, of those in the developing world (46) to the "West" is not on the outside of "history" as some might claim, but complicatedly embedded within it.
Chapter 1 comprises the basic knowledge of cultural and political history for Hungarians and non-Hungarians equally: from those who have never been to Hungary, to Hungarians who were the audiences of those productions, to Hungarians who are too young to have lived in the era also known as 'Goulash communism,' and to anyone interested in the colourful impression of cultural life in a complicatedly and inscrutably softened version of Central-East-European Communist dictatorship and the self-suppressing atmosphere in the most cheerful of Soviet barracks.
In Mission Kashmir, the complicatedly close constellation of family and enemy, love and hate, laid out in its complexities in the first half of the film only now grows into a major violent conflict between the two protagonists.