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Synonyms for cataract

Synonyms for cataract

an abundant, usually overwhelming flow or fall, as of a river or rain

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an eye disease that involves the clouding or opacification of the natural lens of the eye

a large waterfall

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Material and Method: Twenty eyes of 20 patients who developed complicated cataract after pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) were included in the study.
Types of patients Heparinised infusion BSS infusion Traumatic cataract 19 19 Pediatric cataract 08 08 Complicated cataract 13 13
A comparative study of topical vs retrobulbar anesthesia in complicated cataract surgery.
EXCLUSION CRITERIA: Complicated cataract, traumatic cataract, corneal opacities, corneal degenerations, uveitis, pseudo exfoliation, glaucoma, connective tissue disorders, and previous ocular surgeries, pathological conditions of the optic nerve and retina, external eye diseases, uncontrolled diabetes, uncontrolled hypertension.
Some surgeons perform this surgery in selected patients under topical anaesthesia but complicated cataract and other procedures may require intraconal (retrobulbar), extraconal (peribulbar), and sub-Tenon's blocks, which provide akinesia as well as anaesthesia.
Title: Visual outcome after cataract surgery in complicated cataract.
1-5) Cataract surgery in leprosy patients is done to regain visual acuity lost from the development of age-related or complicated cataracts.
Phaco chop and advanced phaco techniques; strategies for complicated cataracts, 2d ed.