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A generation reared in schools that ignored our history but for the week or month each year when black history is delivered, recycled and prepackaged, we know we must seek and complicate our own stories if we are to replace majority perceptions that erase the individuality instilled by fully formed and feeling minds.
After establishing a fairly traditional approach to the short story, the course moved on to not only complicate notions of contemporary experience in America, but to complicate notions of genre as well.
This further complicates their tax filing decisions and tax calculations -- and increases their combined tax liability over what it would be were they to file jointly.
trade status might make some Christians back home feel better, but it would complicate the lives of those seeking to win converts in the field.
To complicate matters further, the coming of the full moon has werewolves like Riley going out of control with the urge for sex.
Every month, it seems, IT managers face another storage option, an addition to the nearly incomprehensible alphabet soup of acronyms for technologies, protocols, and standards--some open, some proprietary--that complicate the storage picture.
A New Jersey bill that would allow the Division of Consumer Affairs to regulate call centers would seriously complicate companies' call-answering systems and interfere with efforts to respond to customers quickly and efficiently, according to the Alliance of American Insurers.
While the TRA '97 does not further complicate this area, it does extend the time that the partnership built-in gain rules are effective, from five to seven years.
2) McCurry's pattern of citing secondary sources - some many, many times, with other relevant works utterly ignored - enables her to create her own small scholarly world in which the importance of her work in relation to a few key studies is carefully set out, while those that might complicate her argument with contrary evidence or different interpretations are never acknowledged.
Building upon Derrida's notions of the text as a refusal of boundaries and of writing as excess, or overflow, Aldon Nielsen advances the thesis that American writing - aesthetically, politically, and socially intextual - overflows its bibliography to generate and complicate the text of race.